JYJ shares happiness with 2011 Elle Magazine

The JYJ members have gone against the odds.

After a fallout with their management company, SM. Entertainment, Kim Jae Joong, Park Yoo Chun and Kim Junsu make it look easy to stay relevant in the K-pop industry.


Despite a ban on them from appearing on South Korean broadcasting channels, the trio has found other avenues to showcase their talents.

Yoo Chun starred in the hit K-drama series, Sungkyunkwan Scandal, followed by Miss Ripley while Jae Joong was last seen starring in Protect Your Boss. Meanwhile, Junsu has been occupied with stage musicals such as Wolfgang Mozart, Tears in Heaven and will be seen next in Elizabeth. He also snagged the “Popular Star Award” at the recent Korean Musical Awards.

With so much on their plate, the trio still makes time for charitable activities. Proceeds from JYJ’s charity concert was used to purchase radiation detectors for Japan after the earthquakes.

In addition, they will be featured in the 2011 December issue of Elle magazine for the charity project “Share Happiness”. Joining the trio are Yoo Chun’s brother Park Yoo Hwan and Song Ji-Hyo from the C-JeS family.

HAPPY TOGETHER: Song Ji-Hyo (left) also co-starred in JYJ’s In Heaven MV

Q: How do you find happiness on a bad day?
Jae Joong: When a spot hurts, you pinch (yourself) elsewhere to lessen the actual pain. For instance, on a day after some heavy drinking because of low spirits, I eat (to wake up) severely… to the degree that my stomach hurts! I will regret… thinking that I’ve eaten -so much- for nothing and then turn my attention to the belly… by working out. The method is to fill yourself with meaningless thoughts and so you forget the original important thing?

Junsu: Think of the fans who are waiting [for us]! When you think of that, you do your best no matter what. If I were to answer slightly more honestly, daydreaming about playing soccer? Just the thought makes me happy. Of course, when I actually step on the playing field it feels better.

Q: When do you feel happy or last had a happy moment?
Jae Joong: The moment in which I’ve completed a song that I’ve made, by singing it with the members. Before letting anyone else hear it, we first listen to it by ourselves and feel pleasure—-that moment.

Yoo Chun: Yoo Hwan improved in his acting. Even when I’m abroad I monitor him through YouTube and when I see that (improvements), I don’t feel proud but rather I feel happy.

BROTHERLY LOVE: The Park brothers enjoying a happy moment.

Q: A habit that no one knows.
Jae Joong: I think that out of my face, I feel the most confident with my lips and perhaps because of that I stick my tongue out often. Because I want to make it moist/supple. And red lips are better than white ones and so sometimes I bite them also. Haha!

Q: Your thoughts on charity.
Yoo Chun: It is a good thing. But I don’t put too much thought into having to be complimented for it.

Junsu: Perhaps because I am young, when I am exposed to the word “charity” I think I feel a bit embarrassed. But I do feel a sense of responsibility. Nowadays I have thoughts like as much as I give, I wish there were more people who would give because of me.

MOVING ON: Nuthin’s gonna stop ’em

Q: If you have a catchphrase in life, what would it be?
Junsu: ‘Bad things can turn good!’ Even if there are difficulties, I try to think positive. When I have optimistic thoughts, things will eventually turn out in the right direction. I learned this from the last 2 years.

Yoo Chun: Err… (silence for a few seconds) I really don’t know. (The manager who could not stand the silence says, “for instance, Yoo Hwan said, “let’s not have regrets!”). Nah, that is something that you know only after you regret.

Well, it’s good to know that the members of JYJ are still optimistic despite the obstacles they have been facing for the past 2 years. In fact, they are amongst the Top 3 in the polls for the Golden Disc Awards.

Hopefully, these three men will keep their promise and return to Malaysia for a concert some time next year!

Source: JYJ3.net


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