Global MBA at Yonsei University, Seoul


Are you thinking of an opportunity to study in Seoul, South Korea?

Well, we found out that one of South Korea’s top three universities i.e. Yonsei University offers a Global MBA program. So if you are a young working adult with 2-5 years of experience and want to do your MBA, you might consider this program.

Yonsei’s Global MBA program is ranked #76 in the 2011 World’s Top Full-Time MBAs’ by The Economist (1st in Korea, 4th in Asia).

Here’s what you might like to know about Yonsei’s Global MBA program:

All courses are conducted in English (phew, moreover, they will conduct complimentary Korean language classes for those who want to learn the language!)

Program length: 16 months (the next intake is from mid-August 2012 – Dec 2013)

Class Hours: Average 4 or 6 classes per week (1 class session = 3 hours)

Courses: Economic Analysis, Statistics for Management, Financial Accounting, Financial Management, Organizational Behavior, Marketing Management, Business Strategy, etc.
(For the full curriculum structure, download the brouchure and view page 6)

How much does the program cost?

Tuition fee and estimated expenditure when studying in Seoul is provided on pg. 16 in the brochure.


Does Yonsei provide scholarships and Financial Aid?

High-potential applicants with superior qualifications will have opportunities to receive merit scholarships offered by Yonsei School of Business. The scholarship award depends on the competitiveness and the need of the applicants. The award amounts range from 25%, 50%, 75% and 100% of the tuition fees. For very qualified grantees, a monthly stipend up to 1,000,000 per month is also offered. Check the details at

* Scholarship grantees are required to work as an assistant for faculty members and administration
* All scholarships are awarded at the time that an adminission decision is made and renewed each semester based on a student’s meeting specified criteria.

If you are serious about applying, please download the brouchure for details!

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