Kim Hyun Joong fan meet in Singapore (May 4)

Dashing Kim Hyun Joong (SS501 leader) will be in Singapore for a fan meeting on 4th May, 2012 (8pm). The mini-concert will be held at Singapore Indoor Stadium.

He will be performing 14 songs at the 2-hour event. Sounds almost like a full-fledge concert eh?

Event organizer Running Into The Sun is expecting 3,000 fans to turn up at the event. They had planned a separate “hi-five” session where Kim would personally hi-five 500 lucky fans. However, Kim insisted that he hi-fives all the fans who turn up at the fan meet. It is said that Kim will be high-fiving all 3,000 fans! Will he end up with sore palms after the event?

If you are looking to win tickets to this event, ONE TV ASIA is having a contest from 24 – 29 April. Check out ONE TV ASIA’s Facebook page for details.

Although there is no word that Kim Hyun Joong will be having a fan meet in Malaysia yet, Singapore is just a 4-hour drive away from Kuala Lumpur! Die-hard Kim Hyun Joong fans should consider going down for this. Are you?

See you at my fan meet!


For details on ticket pricing and seating plan, visit KAvenyou.