Korean acapella group Red Soul in Malaysia

I’ll bet most of you have not heard of the Korean group Red Soul (레드 소울).

I did not know they existed before this too. But, the good news is, they are coming to Malaysia! And will be giving you guys a couple of free performances in less than two weeks time!

They will be performing in Kuala Lumpur (or PJ) and also Kota Kinabalu.


Red Soul relaxed pic

Come listen to us at FullHouse Sunway Giza, Bentley Music & Kota Kinabalu


The group have been performing for the past six years together in various music festivals and singing competitions in Korea. They won Korea’s Acapella Competition in 2007 and gained popularity when they appeared in Star King.

All the members of Red Soul come from a small village in South Korea called Pocheon.

Red Soul’s appearance in Star King [episode 117]. They appear at 5:00. Check them out!



Red Soul have also covered some American and Korean songs. Check this youtube video of them doing Maroon 5’s This Love.



This is one talented group you should not ignore!

Bring your friends along to catch their performances, right here in Malaysia!

All performances are open to public. Besides getting to see their charismatic performance and powerful vocals,there will also be autograph sessions where fans can take the chance to interact with the boys.

Fans who wish to obtain their autographs simply have to purchase their albums at the venues.

13 April 2012
Venue: Fullhouse, Sunway Giza, Petaling Jaya
Time: 8:30 – 10:30pm

14 April 2012
Venue: Bentley Music, Petaling Jaya
Time: 12 – 3:00pm

15 April 2012
Venue: Party Play, Kota Kinabalu
Time: 8pm


The group will also be appearing in 8TV Nite Live’s live interview session on 14 April 2012.
Red Soul greets their Malaysian fans

Link: Red Soul on Facebook