Teen Top & Dal Shabet at Hari Belia 2012 on 26 May

We announced earlier that Korean groups Teen Top and Dal Shabet will be performing at Malaysia’s Youth Gathering called Hari Belia 2012 (Himpunan Jutaan Belia Putrajaya) in May.

Exact date of Teen Top and Dal Shabet’s concert is on 26th May 2012, at 8pm. Venue of the free concert will be at Pentas Utama, Putrajaya.

Super Junior M performing at Putrajaya at last year’s Hari Belia on 28 May 2011
Pic credit: Kosmo! Online 


According to Datuk Mohid Mohamed from the Youth and Sports Ministry, the reason for inviting South Korean groups to the national youth event is not only to ensure that a large number of Malaysian youths turn up for the event. We also have other intensions.

“Aside from being entertained by these South Korean groups, the youths in Malaysia can see how far these South Korean’s have come in their music and entertainment industry, take the positive and learn from them”, he says.

Datuk Mohid added further that South Korea has become a very developed nation, not only in their music and entertainment industry, but also in their technology industry.

Yes, the date is 26 May. What a co-incidence as this is the same day U-Kiss will be performing at the opening of Kenanga Mall in the heart of KL at 3pm. K-pop fans are now worried that they have to choose to attend either one. U-Kiss or Teen Top & Dal Shabet. So which will you be attending?

 Source: Kosmo! Online

Update – April 22: U-KISS is also now scheduled to perform at Hari Belia 2012 while Block B will be replacing them for the opening of Kenanga Mall


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