June is the month of K-pop summer comebacks

K-poppers, get ready for June because it’s the month where the biggest names in K-pop are making their comebacks!

The K-pop scene is set to be extra busy and competitive this summer as both the Wonder Girls and Big Bang have announced their comeback on June 3.

Wonder Girls Wonder Party

PAR-TAY!: Are you ready for us?

The Wonder Girls will be releasing their third mini album, Wonder Party. The girls’ new concept is going to be a bit different from last year’s Wonder World album. Instead of a monochrome retro look, the girls were spotted wearing neon colours during the shoot for their new music video.

Below is a sneak peek at the preparation that went into the MV shoot of their title track Like This!

Sweet, so many fans are involved in it.

Meanwhile, Big Bang will also be releasing a repackaged album because their previous album, Alive, received an overwhelming response.

The new album, entitled Still Alive, will include five new songs: Still Alive, Monster, Feeling, Bingle Bingle and Ego; in addition to the four original tracks in the Alive album.

Since Big Bang will be on their Alive Tour (and Malaysia is one of the stops!) they will not be promoting Still Alive in Korea.

Nevertheless, the quintet is set to release a music video for Monster. The teasers are already out, so do have a look at them on YouTube!

Other comebacks to look forward to include 2NE1 in mid-June and B2ST towards the end of June.

Which comeback are you waiting for this summer?



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