2NE1 asks you to Be Mine

2NE1, in collaboration with Intel Korea, have finally released the Be Mine music video for the Make Thumb Noise Project!

For the project, 2NE1 partnered with producer Teddy Park to create an ideal song for the Ultrabook.

MAKE ‘THUMB’ NOISE: Don’t you wanna Be Mine?

Guess what?! Kpop sells! But we bet you guys already know this. Intel Korea is collaborating with 2NE1 in a project called Make Thumb Noise to market the Ultrabook.

Beginning in early May, Round 1 saw fans voting to choose their favourite instrumental for the track, and for Round 2, they picked their favourite song title.

Round 3 gave fans the chance to choose the song’s arrangement style, and in the final round, they picked the bridge for the track.

Be Mine is an easy-listening mid-tempo track, and the music video takes us on a mini-tour of 2NE1’s accomplishments over the years.

Check out the MV for Be Mine below:

With the release of Be Mine, the anticipation for 2NE1’s comeback has soared higher.

Are you looking forward to their upcoming album?