Jay Park’s New Breed Autograph Session in Malaysia!

Photos by Rozy

After making Malaysian girls swoon and Malaysian guys jealous of his HOT performance at the MTV World Stage Live in Malaysia 2012 the night before, Jay Park once again captured the hearts of Malaysians at his fan signing event.

The event took place at the Speedy Video in Sunway Pyramid Mall on July 15.

Jay Park’s New Breed Red Edition Cover as backdrop for the day

At the event, 500 fans were given passes to get their New Breed Red Edition album autographed, while 100 lucky fans get to be photographed with Jay Park himself!

Jay Park was practically swarmed by the fans upon his arrival.  High pitched screams can be heard and passers-by who were previously just walking around the shops also tried to get closer to find out what the commotion was all about.

The event started with a photograph session with the lucky fans in the store.  He then posed for K-popped! in front of his New Breed Red Edition cover, complete with a TOY GUN and the famous POUT! Ain’t he cute?

A pose, especially for K-Popped! readers

Jay then went back in to purchase some cds before the signing session.  Jay also tantalizes the fans by asking one of his crew members to take videos of him with the fans.  Aww, such a cool dude!


Malaysia! Get ready for my Asia Tour soon!

The signing session ended too soon but fans were seen leaving the area with a bright smile on their faces!

I am sure that they’ll be dreaming of Jay for AT LEAST a week?

Lucky fan having her album authographed AND a picture taken with Jay

Were you there? Share your experience with us! 🙂

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