Jo Kwon is a Party King in I’m Da One

2AM’s Jo Kwon recently released his solo album I’m Da One, and it’s just perfect for an electronic dance party!

Jo Kwon’s first full-length album has the participation of world-renowned songwriters, and is guaranteed to be awesome. From the music, visual, performance, album art, to the music video — you shouldn’t miss a thing!

JO KWON: No matter what, I’m still the king of this party!

Jo Kwon shows two different personalities in the album, therefore the album is released in two different concepts.

First, he shows his “dark” side, which was inspired by the song Animal that was released earlier. Wearing a black leather cape and staring at the camera, Jo Kwon shows what a real man’s charisma is.

On the other hand, the title song, I’m Da One, shows the “pop” side of Jo Kwon. He wears a colorful costume that gives a relaxing and fun feel.

The choreography for I’m Da One is by Kyle Hanagami, who is a choreographer for X-factor. Even professional dancers were worn out mastering the choreography. However, our man Jo Kwon persistently worked 4 hours in a row in the dance studio to master it!

The colourful MV shows the 22 year old as the “party king” who grows up without having a hard time and parties every night at his palace. But by a betrayal of his trusted friend, he is banished from the palace. It doesn’t take him long to become as poor as a beggar, and his palace also falls into ruin. Oh no!

However, Jo Kwon finds enlightenment in the streets from the neglected ones, and nobly returns to the palace. The palace also recovers its extravagance with the “return of Jo Kwon”. In the end, Jo Kwon throws a party where everyone — including his friends from the streets — is invited. He then becomes the true prince of the club. Yay!

Jo Kwon and 50 extra actors devoted 48 full hours to finish the music video which was filmed on 4 movie sets. A mixture of a musical and a TV commercial, I’m Da One MV is definitely a must-see! Check it out below!

K-popped! in collaboration with Universal Music Malaysia will be giving away THREE (3) I’m Da One CDs and THREE (3) passes to a video conference with Jo Kwon! Stay tuned 😉

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