2PM…will be back in May 2013

Have you been waiting for 2PM to make a comeback? Fret no more because our favorite sextet have released an epic teaser trailer!

Released on March 25, the trailer shows 6 caskets with  2PM members’ initials on it. The caskets are chained, locked up and thrown into the deep ocean. Ooooo….

However, once the (digital) clock strikes 2PM, a casket bursts open and a member is resurrected – aw, yeah! We wonder what happens next. At the end of the teaser, we get a “Coming Soon – May, 2013”. Ah well, HOTTEST,  1 month  of waiting is nothing compared to 2 years, right?

While we wait, check out the teaser below:


Get ready, HOTTEST! 2PM…Will Be Back!

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