Halal Korean food delivery service in Seoul

If you are a Muslim, you know how challenging it is trying to find halal Korean food in Seoul. You can rest easy now because there is a halal Korean food delivery service!

(Note:  Halal here means fit to eat according to Muslim religious practice.)

 photo HalalKoreanFoodDeliveryServiceSeoul1_zps6202df2c.jpgMUSLIM-FRIENDLY: Want halal Korean food in Seoul? Look no further

Simply called Halal Korean Food Delivery Service (HKFDS), the much-needed service is the brainchild of Andrew Kim, one of the co-founders of The Street Cafe in Malaysia. Incidentally, The Street Cafe — which has branches in Sunway Pyramid & SS15 Subang — is also the first halal Korean street food restaurant in Kuala Lumpur.

Armed with knowledge of a halal food business, Andrew decided to open the very first halal-certified Korean food delivery service in Seoul.

“You can find many recommendations on blogs or your friend’s Facebook on halal food in Korea. But these cuisines are of non-Korean origin, like Turkish or Pakistanis. What’s the point of coming to Korea but eating non-Korean food while you are here?,” Andrew said in an email to us.

“In order to solve our dear Muslim friends’ very basic problem, we introduced the first halal Korean food delivery service in Korea.”

With the delivery service, Muslims can now relax and enjoy authentic Korean fare…and it will be delivered to your door, wherever you are in Seoul!

Much consideration is given to the quality of food. For instance, the Bulgogi Box Set consists of *13 different carefully-selected items.

 photo HalalKoreanFoodDeliveryServiceSeoul2_zpsceb50f54.jpg

YUMMEH: The delicious items in the Bulgogi box set

HKFDS is also working closely with Muslim tour agencies and the Korean Tourism Organization in Korea to provide reasonably-priced halal Korean food to Muslim tourists. Muslim students in Seoul are also customers of HKFDS.

Every box set is priced at KRW7,000. Currently, HKFDS only takes group orders of more than 20 pax. Delivery is only within Seoul and you need to place your order THREE (3) days in advance.

Any questions about the delivery service should be directed to Andrew Kim (Koreanhalal@gmail.com) OR visit HKFDS’ Facebook page for more information.

* 13 items in the halal Bulgogi Box Set:
1. Korean Rice with Black Sesame
2. Bulgogi (Korean BBQ Beef)
3. Miso Soup with Tofu and Seaweed
4. Stir-Fried Sweet Anchovies
5. Gangnam Style Riceball
6. Kimchi
7. Yellow Pickled Radish
8. Seasoned Fish Cake
9. Sweet & Spicy Dried Squid
10. Egg Role
11. Angry Bird Egg
12. Salted Dried Seaweed
13. Roasted Corn Tea(Oksusu Cha)

Beef and chicken used in the dishes are halal certified meat imported from Australia.


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