[EVENT] Be the K-POP Artist Trainee!

Have you ever dream to be a K-pop star? From the vocal training, dance training, working with top composers to produce a song, filming your own MV and promoting on music shows, everything is planned for you! Cheers! RainbowbridgeAgency is giving you a chance to realize your dreams!

RainbowbridgeAgency is holding an event called “Be the K-POP Artist Trainee“; a program to provide 30 days of training program for those who have dreamed to be a K-Pop star. Application is open from 15 December 2014 to 15 January 2015!

The winner notification will be through facebook on 3rd February 2015. Winning prize will be USD 100,000 (meals & residence, vocal & dance training, production of 1 song and MV and promotion in Korea)! Awesome!! What else?

1) No restriction! Everyone can join and RainbowBridgeAgency will be selecting 1 (one) winning team


2) It’s FREE!! All expenses will be paid by RainbowbridgeAgency


3) Experience a trainee life under RainbowbridgeAgency at their training center in Korea


4) Experience working with Top K-POP composers and trainers


5) Vocal training provided


6) Dance training provided


7) Experience the Music Production with composing and producing service


8) Film and M/V and prepare for your debut!

Note : Both individual and management companies which try to give its own trainees; can apply for this event. However, make sure to choose right category to apply (Individual/Company)

What are you waiting for? Hit this link to apply now!