5 Tattooed Korean Stars (Female)

We have rounded up to 5 males korean stars with tattoo before. Here 5 females celebrities who get themselves inked. Enjoy!

4Minute’s sexy member Hyuna has a pretty cool tattoo dedicated to her beloved mother which reads “My mother is the heart, that keeps me alive”  and surrounded by 4 stars.

Kim Hyun Joong’s virtual wife (or ex-wife), HwangBo has pretty big tattoo on his back. Her full name, Hwangbo Hye Jung, is inked in big letters with a gorgeous flower at the end.


The queen of Kpop, BoA has a tattoo in the middle of the back with the letter ‘B’. Obviously it stands for her initial name ‘Boa’.  The interesting part about her tattoo is that there are two angels popping out of the two holes of the B.


Brown Eyed Girls’s Narsha has a pretty simple yet cute ‘star’ tattoo on her wrist. She also has a beautiful butterfly tattoo on his back.

Ex-After School’s leader, and now soloist Kahi has a total of 4 tattoos; one star on each wrist, one on her lower back, and the biggest one being on the back of her neck. It says, “Born with Your Blessed” underneath a big star. Surrounding the star are the numbers 19 and 08.

What is your favorite tattoo?