[Book Review] Making Out in Korean


Although the title ‘Making Out in Korean‘ may sound racy, but that is definitely not the case with the content of this book (keke). If you’re planning to visit Korea to enjoy the Hallyu wave and K-pop music, this is the phrase book that you really need.

Unlike English, Korean has several speech levels that are formally codified. Age, social standing or the degree of intimacy you have with the person being addressed determines the level of politeness you should adopt.

Making Out in Korean book
‘Making Out in Korean’ features a pronunciation guide and basic grammar, as well guidelines for the use of polite and informal phrases so you’ll never put a foot wrong when you make a conversation.

Each expression in this book is given in Korean script (Hangul) as well as Romanized form (romanji), so that if you are having difficulties to converse, you can show the book to the person you are trying to communicate with.

This book contains 15 sections which are:

1. What’s up
2. Basic Phrases
3. Got a Minute
4. Hey There!
5. Look at That!
6. Coming and Going
7. Eat, Drink, Be Merry!
8. I Like It!
9. Curses and Insults
10. Party Talk
11. Getting Serious
12. On the Phone
13. On the Computer
14. Lover’s Language
15. Farewell

Making Out in Korean book 1“Neo-e dae-easseo deo algo shipeo. Uri tto mannalkka?” (“I want to know more about you! Shall we meet again?”) Flirting in Korean? Yes, you might want to learn them correctly.  If you phrase it incorrectly, you could be hurting some people’s feelings.

“Neo cham jal saenggyeosseo!” (“You’re handsome!”) Learn this phrase and more in ‘Lover’s Language’ section and you can say it to your ‘oppa’ when you meet them. :p

“Gae saekki!” (“Son of a bitch!”)  or “Kkeojo, imma!” (“Go away, man!”) We heard this phrase a lot in Korean dramas right? There is one interesting section in this book called ‘Curses and Insults’ where you can learn some curse phrases. Friendly reminder : Do not ever try to use these phrases to talk to stranger, you might get a punch in the face. LOL

Big thanks to Tuttle Publishing for the book. If you are interested to have this book, you can get it here!

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