Big Bang Releases Slow Ballad ‘If You’


As the clock ticks closer to Big Bang‘s concert in Kuala Lumpur this July 24 and 25, let’s have a listen to their latest slow ballad ‘If You‘ in anticipation to their arrival in Malaysia!

‘If You’ was released on July 1 and is part of the two track album ‘D‘ in the ‘MADE‘ series, which is currently in the third installment. ‘Sober‘ is also part of the same album, but it has a more upbeat feel to it.

The song ‘If You’ is about regrets towards a former lover, and it leaves listeners with a sad feeling after giving it a listen. It is a breath of fresh air after the slew of fast-paced songs the group had released earlier, and the track brings out the best vocal aspects of each member, even in rapper T.O.P. who rarely sings.

Check out the fanmade music video for ‘If You’ with English translations below. (P.S.: There is no official music video for this track since the song is supposed to sound better if you just focus on the vocals. Nonetheless, the fanmade video is as close as it gets to an official video.)

Listening to this song on a rainy day surely gets you misty eyed, and not to mention Daesung‘s mesmerizing voice which will keep you playing it over and over again!

Now we are looking forward to their concert in Kuala Lumpur even more, happening later this month. See you there!

Video credits: Suzy Kim via YouTube

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