[Airport Fashion] EXO’luXion style from EXO Planet

Hi K-popped! readers! Have you had a fresh breath of air this week? If not, we’ll give you EXOygen airport fashion from EXO Planet. Simple is always the best! EXO looking comfortable, in a simple and nice concept from Incheon to Xi’an. Let’s luXion with EXO!


Kai looking simple with his white plain t-shirt and slim fit jeans. Don’t you envy Mr.Kim’s long legs?

Xiumin, are you a lost child?  He looks just like an adorable kid ready to be adopted (we bet many of you will do so!).

Lately, Chanyeol had been observed wearing unique shirts from Juun.J

Baekhyun is comfortable with the sweet strawberry boyfriend look with a cardigan.

Suho is the charismatic leader in white long sleeves and Star Wars cap.

Striped long sleeves and slim fit trousers on Lay make him looks even taller.

Chen dresses as simple and comfortable as he can.

D.O with the slogan “Gender Equality” on his shirt and fans keep praising him for wearing it.

Sehun slays with flipped black hair and carries a reliable and stable boyfriend concept. A young business man is detected here too!

Opps! Sehun again. Sehun looks like he’s doing a catwalk for a fashion show right? Seriously I can’t move on!

Bonus : Baekhyun’s strawberry cheese hair


So guys, are you still alive?

Picture credits to the owner