CNN Goes on a Culinary Journey with Celebrity Chef Edward Kwon

Korean chef Edward Kwon on CNN Culinary Journeys_2

Ever thought of trying to cook those delicious Korean dishes you always see on Korean dramas? Look no further because CNN’s ‘Culinary Journeys’ which features Korean celebrity chef Edward Kwon, will take you on a journey to discover a Korean culinary experience without leaving your home!

Chef Edward Kwon has spent most of his career moving through high-end hotel kitchens. Kwon has now settled down in Seoul, South Korea, where he has launched an arsenal of restaurants in an attempt to expose his country to a variety of different cuisines. Yet his main mission still remains to globalise Korean cuisine.

Kwon’s journey takes him south, down to the UNESCO City of Gastronomy, Jeonju. Here, Chef Kwon explores how the ten flavours of Jeonju have shaped one of Korea’s most famous dishes, Bibimbap.

Korean chef Edward Kwon on CNN Culinary Journeys_1

While on his journey, Kwon meets Chef Yu Inja from restaurant Goong, with a hands-on lesson to see how a simple combination of ingredients won over the palates of Korea and could win over the rest of the world.

‘Culinary Journeys’ is a series of monthly half-hour shows on CNN International, which feature world-renowned chefs on a journey to explore the cuisine of one of the world’s food hotspots. In each episode, the cookery travelogue sees a chef leave the bustle of their own kitchen to discover a culinary experience in another country.

Tune in to CNN (Astro Channel 511) to catch ‘Culinary Journeys’ in the airtimes below!

Airtimes: Kuala Lumpur
Friday August 7 at 11.30pm
Saturday August 8 at 6.30am
Sunday August 9 at 8.30am
Tuesday August 11 at 5.30pm
Wednesday August 12 at 11.30am

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