National Branding Contest – What Makes Korea?

The Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism for the Republic of Korea is currently hosting two contests on their website. Awesome prizes waiting for winners. What are you waiting for? Go check them out now!


1) National Branding Contest (What Makes Korea?)

How : Share your thoughts about all things Korean. It can be video clip, picture or painting, logo design, writing, music and others which most well represents Korea.

Date : 7th September 2015 – 8th November 2015

Prize :
– President Prize : KRW 20 million
– Prime Minister Prize : KRW 10 million
– Culture, Sports & Tourism Minister Prize : KRW 5 million
– 1st Prize : KRW 2 million
– 2nd Prize : KRW 1 million

More info here!

2) Keyword Event

How : Share each keyword for your native country and Korea in English

Prize : ‘Enjoy Korea Voucher’ including round trip flight tickets, 2 nights accommodation, and K-POP star concert tickets

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