[Exclusive] Most Impacted News – According to Korean journalist

During Korea Joa Day 9 schedule, we were introduced to two well known journalists in Korea, Ms. Yoon Go Eun and Ms. Lee Eun Jung. Both of them are head reporters at Yonhap News, the largest news agency in Korea. Ms Lee Eun-Jung specialises in music, entertainment and K-Pop while Ms Yoon Go-Eun’s specialty is in the Drama and Film area.

Yonhap journalist

Ms Yoon Go-Eun (left) and Ms Lee Eun-Jung

We had a chance to talk to them about their experiences working as a journalist in Korea, meeting huge celebrities all the time and many more. But, we are curious, as a professional journalist with a lot of experience, what do they think would make a good journalist? Ms. Yoon said that a good journalist must have these 3 things; should be curious, good at fact finding and have conscience. While Ms. Lee added, a good journalist must have balance between a good performance and wanting to write a good article.



As a journalist in the entertainment field, Ms. Lee experienced covering various events. According to Ms. Lee, among the memorable performance which leaves impact on her is PSY because he’s really impressive on and off stage. BIGBANG also has amazing stage performance. She also chose Block B’s Zico as her favourite as Zico writes and perform very well. And not to mention TVXQ!



While talking about the article that gives most views, most impact and uproar to readers was when JYJ left DBSK and file a lawsuit against their company, SM Entertainment. But basically all coverage about hallyu and girl groups have high views as well.




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