[Travel] Korean Folk Village

Korean Folk Village, dubbed as the ‘Traditional Cultural Theme Park’, is one of the most popular attractions in Seoul. Occupying approximately 243 acres, visitors can experience the atmosphere back then during the Joseon Dynasty, including various household goods from different regions. Besides that, visitors can also enjoy various food, scheduled musical performances and traditional ceremonies, all representing the different eras in Korean history.

Korean Folk Village (1)

On our 7th day of Korea Joa project, we had a chance to visit this famous tourist attraction, not only for foreigners, but also for school trips alike. Korean Folk Village is one of the must-visit spots for Korean drama fans. Many hit dramas were filmed here, such as ‘My Love From the Star’, ‘Moon Embracing the Sun’, ‘Arang and the Magistrate’, ‘Sungkyunkwan Scandal’, ‘Jewel in the Palace’, and many more. Here we share some info you might want to know before visiting Korean Folk Village.

Areas within the Korean Folk Village :
1) Folk Village – ‘Time travel’ back to the Joseon Dynasty!
2) Exhibition Hall – Learn all about Korean ancestors’ way of life and folk culture.
3) Performance Area – Enjoy Korea’s fascinating traditional culture such as Farmer’s Music & Dance, Acrobatics on a Tightrope walking, Equestrian Feats and Traditional Wedding Ceremony
4) Experience Site – Learn and experience Korean Folk Games, Punishment by Government Office, Craft Workshop Experience and more
5) Historical Drama & Movies Filming Location – Enjoy the vivid scenes of dramas by participating in a variety of drama and star events
6) Amusement Facilities Zone – A new attraction to the play village which is exciting and thrilling.

– Shuttle Bus to Korean Folk Village available from Sang-gal Station (Bundang Line) and Su-won Station (Bundang Line)

Opening Hours:
– Daily (09.30 to 18.00)

Admission Fee:
– Adult : 15,000 KRW
– Adolescent : 12,000KRW
– Child : 10,000 KRW

In the meantime, enjoy our photos taken during the trip below. If you have any questions, do feel free to ask us in the comment section below!

[caption id="attachment_26974" align="aligncenter" width="600"]Korean Folk Village (3) Some of the historical dramas that was filmed here at Korean Folk Village[/caption]

Korean Folk Village (13)

Korean Folk Village (2)

Korean Folk Village (6)

Korean Folk Village (4)

Korean Folk Village (5)

Korean Folk Village (8)

Korean Folk Village (9)

Korean Folk Village

Korean Folk Village (10)

Korean Folk Village (7)

Korean Folk Village (11)

[caption id="attachment_26982" align="aligncenter" width="600"]Korean Folk Village (12) Breathtaking view~[/caption]