BIGFLO Press Conference in Malaysia

BIGFLO came to Malaysia and wowed fans in both Miri and Kuala Lumpur last weekend. Supposed to be a short visit, the boys expanded their visit to be able to explore Malaysia and get closer to the fans. Curious what they had to say about our country and their favorite food here? Something to do with a drink in green packaging and being strong? Read on folks..


It was a sunny day as usual in this hot weather of El Nino that we’re having. The day was made even hotter when the 6 boys of BIGFLO descended the stairs of LOGO Fashion Lounge and Gallery at EVOLVE Concept Mall, Damansara. Decked in colorful shade of white and blue, BIGFLO greeted the press with smiles and a hint of nervousness – who could blame them as we sometimes look intimidating :). Without further ado, lets hear what they have to say:

BIGFLO performed in Miri for the first showcase in Malaysia. What do you think of the fans in Miri?

This is our 1st time in Malaysia. Even so, a lot of fans showed up, we’re thankful for that.

What was your expectation of the fans in Malaysia?

Even though this was our first time here, we were surprised to receive such response. We hope to do a concert here in the future.

Kichun was the latest addition to the group, how did you feel being the 6th member of BIGFLO?

I feel very happy. I hope that the fans will support BIGFLO as a whole. I think the group can be the next hit or trend in KPOP.

BIGFLO can converse in many different languages. Are there any plans to release a foreign language album?

We are currently preparing for our Japanese album. And we also have a Vietnamese version of the song Delilah, in which we are also preparing a Chinese version.

BIGFLO has recently receive the New Hallyu Celebrity Award. How do you feel on winning the award?

We thank the fans for this award. And we aim to win more awards for the fans in the future too.

This is your third day in Malaysia. What Malaysian food have you tried and what’s your favourite?

JungkyunI like Milo. We used to have it in Korea when I was younger, but for the last 15 years, I haven’t had any. They don’t sell it anymore in Korea. So I was delighted to find it here and it’s my favourite.

YooseongI like to eat Loklok, which is spinach, bean curd and lamb. I would like to try it at the pasar malam.

HightopAs for me, I like the chicken cooked in a special sauce (he described it as sour and sweet – we think its Sweet and Sour chicken)

Z-UK: Kampua mee, it looks like Jjajangmyun!

KichunChicken! The chicken here is bigger and juicier, and bigger than the chicken in Korea. It’s tasty too

RonThe rice in Korea and Malaysia is not the same. In Korea, it is very starchy. I feel fat if I eat a lot. But if I eat the rice in Malaysia, I feel better 🙂

What Malay words have you learnt?

Hightop & Jungkyun: Saya cinta padamu

All of BIGFLO: Apa khabar? Terima kasih

Any special message to the fans?

We are touched by the reception in Malaysia. We promise to come here again soon. Thank you once again.


Special thanks to Sirius Entertainment and J One Entertainment.


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