BTS Wins an Award at 2016 Korean Pop Culture & Art Awards!!


October 27th, 2016 kpop boy group, BTS attended tonight’s Korean Pop Culture & Art Awards along with their choreographer, Mr. Son Sungdeuk, SHINee, and many more. Starting off with red carpet at 1:30pm KST and award ceremony starting at 2:30pm KST. BTS started off with a wonderful performance of “Blood Sweat & Tears” and received an award for Cultural Minister’s Award! Also, let’s not forget, BTS choreographer Mr. Son Songdeuk also received an award as well.



Speeches tonight from BTS and Mr. Son Sungdeuk:

Mr. Son Sungdeuk: “Thank you so much for an honorable award. I will continue to work hard and continue bringing wonderful dance performances. (He also gives a shout to BTS while giving his speech.)”

RM (Rap Monster): “First of all, we all want to give thanks to ARMY’S all over the world. It’s only been 3 years since we debuted and for us to receive an award is an honor. I believe that it’s thanks to everyone who has helped us out in the industry. We still have a long way to go, so we will continue to work hard.”

BTS performance of “Blood Sweat & Tears“:

Congratulations BTS and Mr. Son Sungdeuk!!!

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