[Exclusive] Hyuna on Malaysia fans, fan meeting and her beauty regime

Kim Hyun A (김현아), better known as just HyunA, is a multi-talented artist – she’s a singer, dancer, model and songwriter. HyunA debuted in the music scene as a girl group member but the song Bubble Pop! reintroduced HyunA and paved her way as a successful solo singer.

HyunA recently released her 5th mini album titled A’wesome, containing six tracks, in which HyunA co-penned five of the songs. The album entered the Gaon Album Chart (a South Korean national album chart) at number 2 while the title track How’s This? (어때?) made it to number 5 on the Gaon Digital Chart. How’s This is a trap hip hop song with heavy bass sound, produced by Seo Jae Woo, whom HyunA worked with on her previous tracks such as Red and Roll Deep.

The sexy queen was in Malaysia from October 7 to October 9 and we managed to meet her for a short Q&A.


K-popped! : Welcome back! It’s your 4th time here, what do you miss most about Malaysia?

HyunA : Actually I didn’t notice that it is my 4th time here, but I’ve been wanting to come back to Malaysia and meet my fans. I’m excited to meet my fans at the event that I’m participating at for this visit. I also hope that it will be successful so that I can continue coming to Malaysia in the future.

K-popped! : You co-wrote most of the songs in the latest album, what inspires you to write the lyrics?

HyunA : I don’t really think of how I’m going to write the lyrics, but I write based on my experiences and the things that has been happening around me. People around me have also given me suggestions and ideas, and that’s how this album was made.

K-popped! : We saw news about your solo fan meeting Asia Tour. What can we expect from the fan meeting and is Malaysia included in the plan?

HyunA : The fan meeting has started in Taiwan and I feel happy to be able to meet my fans through such events. I’m hoping that from this event that I’m attending today, I’ll be able to meet my fans and from this, maybe more fan meetings can be scheduled.

K-popped! : You have always looked flawless every time we see you. Can you share with the readers your beauty secrets?

HyunA : There’s nothing special about my routine, I just make sure that I drink enough water, have enough sleep and a basic skin care routine. I like trying on different kinds of products, especially lip and eye cosmetics. Focusing on these two areas, I always feel adventurous in trying different kinds of makeup styles.


K-popped! : Out of all your hit songs, which song represents HyunA and why?

HyunA : I have too many songs to choose from, but judging from most of my fans, the song I would choose is Bubble Pop! Before coming to Malaysia, we stop by Dubai and I notice that they played Bubble Pop! on YouTube a lot. So I choose Bubble Pop!

K-popped! : You have a lot of featured rappers in your new tracks. Is there a rapper that you would like to collaborate with in the future?

HyunA : There are no plans for now but I am always open to collaborations with other rappers or any kind of collaborations in the future.

K-popped! : Your name, HyunA is synonym with the sexy concept, is there any other concepts that you would want to try out?

HyunA : The fans liked the sexy concept and I tried my best into putting more effort into my performances. I have also notice a lot of other singers who are better at the cute and innocent concepts. I’m open to any concepts in the future, but for now I’ll just focus on the sexy concept.

We heard that the event that HyunA attended was a very successful one. Let’s hope that a fan meeting can be scheduled so that more fans can meet her soon!

Lastly, here’s a message from HyunA to all the fans out there!

A big thank you to JS Entertainment for the invitation!

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