CL Lifts You Up to a New Height in CHICAGO!


Taking place in the Chicago Theater on November 10, 2016 at 8:30PM. Black Jacks were lining up like usual before the concert started at 8:30PM in the Chicago Theater on November 10, 2016, rocking the 2ne1 image and CL outfits. Lines were nicely split into 3 lines for VIP ($300), Superior ($125), and GA ($75-95). While waiting in line, fans signed a banner that would be given to CL as a gift for her Chicago tour.



As everyone got into their seats, 2ne1 music videos played following CL’s solos from the most recent to the oldest track to keep the fans pumped before CL came on stage. Lights begin to dim and a video from debut of CL in 2009-2014 came on showing how she has grown. The audience was filled with bright light sticks passed out by the SIVA staff. Starting off with 2ne1’s debut track “Fire” the crowd cheered as CL was slowly being brought out from under the stage and carried onto the next song “Can’t Nobody” with her backup dancers jamming along next to her.

The next two songs were “Scream” and “I Am The Best” (2ne1’s most popular song) which brought the crowd screaming up to even a louder volume as they repeated the lyrics “Naega Jeil Jal Naga” (I Am The Best). She then performed “Come Back Home”, “I Don’t Care (Reggae Ver.)”, “Gotta Be You”, “Falling In Love”, and “Murder She Wrote” before going back for an outfit change while her amazing band took over and showed off their performances with a band version of a few 2NE1‘s songs.

CL came out to sing more of the slower ballads starting off with “Lonely” and continuing with “Missing You”, “If I Were You”, and ending it off with “I Love You”.  While CL went backstage for her last outfit change, the big screen played a 2nd version of CL’s first U.S Single “Hello Bi+ches”. The dancers came out with flags (which were known for her grand entrance for “The Baddest Female”) as CL is walking down the steps calling out “Where all my bad gals at?!”. There’s definitely no doubt that the fans know the reason for CL being called “The Baddest Female Rapper In Korea”.



To continue the hype, “Dr. Pepper” and “Dirty Vibe” came on, along with “MTBD”. Nothing is a CL show without her whipping her hair crazily and telling the crowd to jump along with her. Heading backstage once more, a Behind The Scenes (Practice Video) played, showing her practices and counting down the days before her tour officially began. To end the great night To end the great night, CL sung her latest single “Lifted” and officially ending the concert with her encore stage “Hello Bi+ches”.  With Chicago being her last tour in the states, it definitely was a show worth attending before the year ended.  CL will be ending her “HELLO BI+CHES” Tour in Toronto, Canada on the 14th of November.


Below are some performances CL performed for the night. For more videos please visit our YouTube page here →

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