Legend of the Blue Sea beat Scarlet Heart for its premiere episode

ONE HD packed a punch in Malaysia last Thursday with the highly anticipated South Korean blockbuster series Legend of the Blue Sea premiere winning the timeslot across all pay-TV channels.


Ratings highlights of the premiere episode of Legend of the Blue Sea in Malaysia
(First telecast: 17th November, 8.10pm)

  1. It is the top programme of the day across all international channels
  2. Record-breaking, again! It achieved 84% higher rating than the premiere of Scarlet Heart (in August)
  3. The leader of the pack: During the first episode’s telecast, ONE was the top-rated pay-TV channel and its ratings is 7 times higher rating than the next channel and an 92 percent share amongst the four Korean general entertainment channels


Just two episodes in, Legend of the Blue Sea is already off to a roaring start in Malaysia, proving the appeal of the combined star power of lead actor Lee Min Ho and lead actress Jun Ji Hyun. The series succeeds not merely because of the immense popularity of its stars; it is clear as well that the duo has spared no expense in bringing their characters to life.

Lee Min Ho’s con man is suave, charismatic, and intelligent to a fault, with an impressive sleight of hand when it comes to hypnotizing his victims. Jun Ji Hyun also proves her dedication to her mermaid-out-of-water role, tossing all concern for her usual polished image to the wind and reeling audiences in through her comical expressions. Some already classic scenes include Jun Ji Hyun squashing her face up against a window and mimicking legendary martial artist Bruce Lee’s signature scream in a fight scene. It is little wonder then that the premiere episode has made such a splash in terms of its ratings.


Legend of the Blue Sea has all the makings of a blockbuster series and the ratings indicate that ONE’s viewers are captivated by the series’ massive star power, intriguing premise, and impressive cinematography. We remain plugged into the demands of Malaysian viewers and will keep delivering drama, variety and reality series that our audiences live, breathe and crave.” – Ms. Virginia Lim, Senior Vice President and Head of Content, Production and Marketing, Sony Pictures Television Networks, Asia

Legend of the Blue Sea airs every Thursday and Friday at 8.10pm, within 24 hours of its Korean telecast. It is available first and exclusively on ONE HD, Astro Ch. 393.