[Travelogue] Power Blogger Program Day 1 – Hello Again Korea


As some of you might know, K-Popped! was invited to South Korea for the ‘Power Blogger Invitation Program 2016’, hosted by Korea Press Foundation. Three bloggers from Singapore and Malaysia were invited to the program, there are Hallyu Singapore (Singapore), MyKpopHuntress (Malaysia) and K-Popped! (Malaysia).

Our official schedule started on November 28 but we want to spend more days in South Korea so we flew earlier on November 25. We flew with Korean Air, and it’s very comfortable plane ride but we would only recommend it if you are travelling without much luggage. It may be troublesome to some people as for economy seats, Korean Air only allows one luggage per person, and the luggage maximum weight is 23kg. Any excess weight and extra luggage will be charged (and very expensive too!).


Our meals on the flight..


We landed at Incheon International Airport on November 26, 7.30PM, and we were greeted by Ms. Jung Ji Yun (from Hyundai Asan, the organizer for this trip) wearing her smiles and holding placard with our name written on it (so glad to see her happy face!). She sent us to our officetel (which we booked through the Airbnb website) where we stayed for 2 days.


Greeted by this placard at the Incheon airport

November 28 (Monday) was supposed to be the arrival date for all members. We checked out from our previous place and checked into our official hotel, Koreana Hotel in the evening.


Without much agendas on our schedule, we ended the day with dinner at a Thai restaurant in front of the hotel accompanied by Ms. Jung while waiting for the other members of the program to arrive.


Looks familiar right? But taste slightly different from Malaysia-style, probably because it was cooked by Korean-chef?Lol


Tried this Rose Tea..smelly rose, taste rose..

That’s all for our first day of the ‘Power Blogger Invitation Program 2016’. Stay tuned to our travelogue Day 2 as our schedule officially starts!

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