Studio Wonkyu +, The Top Korean Pre-Wedding studio is in Malaysia now!

From K-drama to K-pop, Korean wave is definitely a “hit” in Malaysia. In order to serve couple who loves Korean’s culture better, Studio Wonkyu + has landed in South East Asia with the setting up of of Studio Wonkyu+ Malaysia.

Studio Wonkyu + is founded by Mr Choi. Won Kyu on year 2008. Mr. Choi was the personal photographer of Korean Artist Bae Yong Joon. As the top pre-wedding photography studio in Korea, Studio Wonkyu + has been working with many Korean celebrities and collaborated with various TV programmes such as 《We got married》,《Running Man》,《Miss Korean Beauty Pageant》 and  also worked with many Korean Celebrities such as Jung, F(x), CNBLUE, 2AM, EXO and others. Malaysia youtuber Jared Lee from Grim Film and wife Marianne Tan also had theirs in Studio Wonkyu +.

The quality and skillful photography of Studio Wonkyu + has attracted 15000 couples yearly from all around the world.

In Korea, Studio Wonkyu + partner with the top celebrities Beauty Salon & Gown Shop to provide the best to customers. Studio Wonkyu + partner with Jenny House ad Soonsoo for makeup. Both Jenny House and Soonsoo are the beauty salons for Korean celebrities like Park Shin Hye , Girls Generation, Lee Jong Seok, Song Ji-Hyo, Lee Sung Kyung and others.

For Gown, Studio Wonkyu + collaborates with Rosa Sposa which is a designer line bridal gowns in Korea. Dresses from Rosa Sposa are mixed with the most luxurious material, jewelery, and flower motives to give the bride the most exclusive look. Rosa Sposa’s dresses also worn by celebrities like Jang Nara, Seo Ji Young and Mina.

Studio Wonkyu + owns 6 studios where each studio has a different theme – English country and contemporary, European Luxury, Gorgeous Wedding magazine feel, elegance & romantic, Fun & enchanting or outdoor Paparazzi style.

In Studio Wonkyu+, the package is transparent and same across all branches, no hidden charges. Photo frames and photo albums are made in Korea and will be delivered to the doorstep of the customers.

Couples who love k-wedding need not to worry about language barrier now as you can find Studio Wonkyu+ and Rosa Sposa in Malaysia too.