C&K Entertainment is proud to introduce HANG5VA – a New EDM Hip-Hop Band

C&K Entertainment is proud to announce a new 4 member boy band debut right in the beginning of 2017! The band is called HANG5VA („hangover‟) and their powerful and driving tracks will definitely make you want to party hard! The band‟s style is a mix of electronic dance music with hip-hop motives spiced up by a K-Pop flavor – all of which make HANG5VA a unique and special band whose members are ready to gain their place under the bank lights of today‟s popular music scene.


HANG5VA‟s first single is called “Cinderella” and it is a mischievous and playful track about a lonely girl who goes to the party hoping to meet her own Prince Charming. Though the title of the track may seem tender, the whole atmosphere of the song will bring you to one of the funniest and freaky parties in your life.

All 4 members of HANG5VA are already famous in the Korean underground music sphere for their solo activity, self-composed tracks and DJ mixes. They have gained a lot of attention and support from famous foreign EDM artists (JuicyM, Timmy Trumpet, Phunk Investigation, etc.) and numerous Korean EDM artists and DJs for their outstanding style, creativity and the ability to introduce new standard-setting trends and tendencies in music.

Now as all 4 members have gathered together as HANG5VA, they are ready to deliver the best quality tracks and clear the strict borders between such music genres as K-Pop, hip-hop and electronic dance music. Stay tuned for more updates on the members of the band and teasers for their first single album “Cinderella”.