Oh!K brings you Saimdang – Soulmates Across Time

This January 26, Oh!K brings you Saimdang -Soulmates Across Time, starring Lee Young-Ae, famous from the 2003 award-winning television series, Jewel in the Palace alongside Song Seung Heon (Autumn In My Heart, East of Eden).


Saimdang, set in both Joseon era and the present day, is a drama that combines fact and fiction, telling the story of the unconventional 16th century Korean woman. Lee Young-Ae plays modern day Seo Ji Yun – a university Korean art history lecturer and mother of an eight year old son. Her life gets difficult when mishaps kept on happening to her and she comes across an old book which suspected to be Saimdang’s memoirs, in Italy. Engrossed in the book, she gets swept away in the whirlwind of destiny.


Lee Young-Ae plays both Seo Ji Yun and Shin Saimdang

Young-Ae also played Saimdang, the artist with an extraordinary sense of color, and also the woman who writes the Sujinbang Diary, which was discovered by Seo Ji Yun.

Song Seung Heon plays Lee Gyeom, a carefree spirit who never stopped loving Saimdang and devotes himself to the women he loves.


Song Seung Heon as the painter Lee Gyeom

K-popped! thanks to Oh!K had the opportunity to catch Saimdang a week before the first broadcast on television. Fans of period dramas, we were excited to catch the drama and the fact that it stars both Lee Young-Ae and heartthrob Song Seung Heon, is a plus. The 1st episode starts with setting the story line for the female lead, modern day Seo Ji Yun whose having a not so perfect life. Her life crumbles even more after a series of events starts unraveling. Then a mysterious book shows up while she was in Italy, which piqued her interest. What’s going to happen to Seo Ji Yun? How did she get transported to Joseon era and meets Lee Gyeom? Find out what happens with us, this Thursday, January 26 on Oh!K (Astro Channel 394) at 9PM. As a bonus, it will be double episodes, simultaneously with Korea, yeay!