[Travel] Shooting Locations for Korean Drama, Saimdang : Memoirs Of Colors

Saimdang : Memoirs Of Colors (also know as Saimdang, Light’s Diary) is a Korean drama that revolves around a Korean art history lecturer (Lee Young-Ae) discovers the diary of historical figure Shin Saimdang. She then unravels the secret of a mysterious portrait that helps her re-discover the extraordinary life of Shin Saimdang. This drama is currently airing on SBS (Korea) and Oh!K (Malaysia), every Wednesday and Thursday.


K-popped! went to the shooting location of Saimdang, which is also a popular tourist attraction in Gangwon-do, and to discover the history and this famous figure, Shin Saimdang. Let’s go down a historical memory lane together as we show you our visit to the site.

1) Ojukheon House

Ojukheon House is named after the many black bamboo trees that surrounds it. It was here where Shin Saimdang lived and where her son Yi I (also known as Yulgok Yi Yi) was born. It was built during the time of the 11th King of Joseon, King Jungjong, and remains as one of the oldest wooden residential buildings in Korea.

Ojukheon House (1)

Shin Saimdang statue..Shin Saimdang who lived in the early 16th century is a famous Joseon era artist, especially outstanding in poems, paintings, calligraphy, embroidery and more.

Shin Saimdang is also the first woman in South Korea to appear on the 50,000 won note.

Ojukheon House (3) copy

Ojukheon..Third son of Saimdang, The Great Korean Scholar Yulgok Yi Yi was born in 1536 in this house. Since his mother Shin Saimdang, dreamed a dragon, the room is called Mongnyongsil.

Ojukheon House (4) copy

Munseongsa (Shrine), the portrait scroll of Yulgok is kept at the shrine.

Ojukheon House

Yi I (Yulgok Yi Yi) statue.. Yi I was top Confucian scholar during the Joseon period. He is also known as a great politician, social reformer, philosopher and academical successor.

5000 won yi i

You can also see Yi I’s face on 5,000 note.

Ojukheon House (2)

Eojae-gak was built to preserve the inkstone used by Yulgok and Gyeokmongyogyeol (a book written by Yi I in 1577 for those beginning their studies) as a mementos of Yi I.

Ojukheon House (5)

Beautiful roof..

Ojukheon House

The Museum is where you can see relics and historical materials from different time periods.

Address : 24, Yulgok-ro 3139beon-gil, Gangneung-si, Gangwon-do

How to get there : Take bus 202, 202-1, 302 or 303 from Gangneung Intercity Bus Terminal and get off at Ojukheon bus stop.

2) Seongyojang

Seongyojang is not that far from Okjuheon House, about 10 minutes walking distance. So if you are planning to visit Gangwon-do, make sure to visit both of them back to back, so you can save on time.

Seongyojang (1)

Early spring spotted in Seongyojang

Seongyojang is the former upper class residence of the noble family of Gangneung-si, Naebeon Lee. Boasting almost 100 rooms, this sprawling mansion has been resided in by 10 generations until this day. The lotus pond, beautiful pavilion, amazing wooden architecture made Seongyojang even more special.

Seongyojang (3)

View from the top of Seongyojang

Seongyojang (2)

Among the rooms in Seongyojang, aged more than 300 years old.

Seongyojang (5)

Dongbyeoldang, this was the place mainly used in house party or receiving guests in the house.

Seongyojang (4)

Famous spot for tourists to take photos because you can see few doors that connect the houses.

Like a movie set, Seongyojang is pretty but quite lifeless. That probably makes the view here stand out more. We heard it will be much more beautiful during spring season as the lotus in the pond will fully blooming. We can imagine that!

Address : 63, Unjeong-gil, Gangneung-si, Gangwon-do

How to get there : Take bus 202 from Gangneung Intercity Bus Terminal, and get off at Seongyojang bus stop.

Watch the clip below, where the Korean drama Saimdang, The Memoirs of Colors was shot at Seongyojang (starts at 1.50) :

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