VAV recruited new member who looks like Song Jae-Rim

Boy group VAV announced their 2nd new member, Lou.

VAV_Lou 0207

In VAV new released teaser image, new member Lou who is taller than 180cm and with visual similar to Song Jae-Rim was introduced.

VAV 2nd image teaser_Lou 0207

Meanwhile, VAV was currently produced under famous producer Ryan S.Jhun, recruited Noh Yoon Ho(Ayno), who was well-known from Mnet survival program ‘NO MERCY’ in 2015.

With all this changes, VAV are going to comeback this mid February.

VAV’s label A team stated: “We recruit Lou as one of the new member and wanted to show a brand new VAV to fans. Please anticipate for VAV comeback and support them.”.

Following the announcement of 2nd new member Lou, VAV are preparing for their comeback this February.