[Event Coverage] Hyolyn starts her Showcase in NY with a BANG!

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One of South Korea’s best vocalists, Sistar’s Hyolyn, finally made her way to the States to start her showcase tour in New York on March 18th and in Los Angeles on March 19th.  With the winter weather already being so cold on the east coast, the day was still filled with snow on the ground and pouring rain as STAR1’s (Sistar’s fandom) patiently waited in line from late afternoon.  Lines were separated into two lines: VIP and general admission.

While waiting in line, the Diva herself arrived outside of Flash Factory with her two backup dancers to start their soundcheck.  This surprised everyone because it doesn’t happen everyday at K-pop concerts.

The doors opened at 5:45pm for VIP who went in to do their meet and greet with Hyolyn. General admission were then let in later around 6:45pm from the cold and waited until 8pm when the show finally begun.  Inside the venue was limited Hyolyn merchandise for sale that couldn’t be found anywhere else.

With the DJ keeping everyone entertained with his own mixes for the crowd, an unexpected marriage proposal was then made on stage with a definite “Hell yeah!” response from the new bride.  This got the crowd hyped before the actual concert.

But best of luck to the both of them on their journey to love and happiness!

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The opening act officially started at 8pm with YouTuber, Lijah Lu or Elijah Liu (former American Idol contestant on season 12), who has been making song covers over the past few years and working on his own personal music.

Lijah Lu came out in a simple black tee and jeans and showcased his outstanding vocals with a few songs for the crowd, gaining their attention with his music style, eye-to-eye contact (especially for the ladies), and killer notes!

Lijah Lu also threw out his own free merchandise into the crowd and snapped a photo of that night’s memory as a definite must.

If you haven’t checked him out yet, you are missing out on a great voice in America!

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Kindly thanking everyone for the love and support, Lijah Lu handed the night away for who everyone had all been waiting for, the Diva herself, Hyolyn!  With the DJ opening an intro for her official appearance, she came onto stage with a white wool long-sleeved crop top and low-cut shorts, showing off her amazing body that she is known for!

“WHAT’S UP NEW YORK?!” as the Diva shouted out before starting her showcase with her lastest song title, “Paradise”.  Hyolyn then did a small introduction in both Korean and English which unleashed the inner fanboys who proudly cheered and shouted, “사랑해요!”, leaving Hyolyn happy, speechless, and full of giggles.

She thanked the fans for being able to come out despite the weather outside that was rainy and cold.  But even though the weather was cold, she hoped everything that night would be very hot!

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Next, Hyolyn continued with two remixes of her popular songs, as well as switching it up to much sexier choreographies this time around.  Hyolyn performed “One Way Love” (her solo debut single) and her sub-unit group song (SISTAR19 with Bora) “Ma Boy”.

“Massage ft. Dok2” and “Dope” were the last two songs performed on the first set before Hyolyn headed back for a brief break.

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The Diva slowed the tempo down with “Love Like This ft. Dok2”, proving herself why she was one of Korea’s best vocalists, and showing off that one of a kind husky voice of hers!  This also gave front row fans the opportunity to get closeups of the Diva herself as she came and crouched down, giving the best fan service you could even imagine.  That’s what we call a win-win situation right there!

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Hyping up the stage again, Hyolyn then performed a remix to “I Swear” as well as the fan favorite, “Touch My Body”.  Hyolyn also did another remix to “Shake It”, proving to be STAR1’s favorite summer hit as fans chanted the lyrics and sang every bit they could along with the Diva.

During her performances, Hyolyn aced all of her high notes, and definitely gave it her all with her dancers on stage before heading back for her last break.  Hyolyn then reappeared with a high ponytail, matching appropriately to her last song of the night, “Bang Bang” by Jessi J, Ariana Grande, and Nicki Minaj.  

If you didn’t already know this, the Diva herself can sing, dance and rap!

Hyolyn proved to everyone that night that she was the top All-Star as she sung to both Jessi J’s and Ariana Grande’s parts, but also not skipping a beat to Nicki Minaj’s fast rap.  She dominated the song and perfectly ended the night by blowing a kiss and letting her fans know proudly, “I’ll be back New York!”.

Hyolyn’s first New York showcase ended with a hot and heated, fully packed venue at Flash Factory.

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Lastly, we would like to give the biggest thanks to Transparent Agency and Starship Entertainment for allowing us to cover a great night in New York!

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