[EXCLUSIVE] Meet Kim Bohyung, the girl group member turned vocalist

Kim Bohyung is known as a talented vocalist of the girl group called SPICA. Besides that, she has also written her name as a soundtrack singer for K-dramas such as The K2, Pied Piper, Jackpot, Super Daddy Yeol and more.

SPICA debuted in 2012 under B2M Entertainment and has been actively promoting until last February, when CJ E&M announced that the group had disbanded. Not long after the announcement, another article was released to say that the band was not actually disbanded. What is the truth behind all these announcements?

Spica Kim Bohyung (1)

Recently, we had a chance to chat with the maknae of the group when she visited Malaysia. Held at Holiday Inn Glenmarie, Kim Bohyung told us that SPICA has not officially disbanded yet, but rather, went on a hiatus. All of the members are now focusing on solo activities, but if there is a chance in the future, all of them will be back as SPICA. We were informed that Kim Bohyung is now actively writing and composing songs besides attending to her solo activities.

Kim Bohyung recently participated in “Hitmaker – Cross Country”, MBC Every1’s new variety show where four girls met and travel together while making music. With eight episodes in total, the show features Wonder Girls’ Yeeun, Suran, actress Kang Han Na and SPICA’s Bohyung. While travelling together, Bohyung said the four of them become closer and they had fun making music.

Spica Kim Bohyung

Recognized as a talented vocalist, Kim Bohyung told us about her experience on King Of Mask Singer, a singing competition program where the singers wear masks and showcase their vocals while the audience has the right to vote without prejudice. She said that she was very nervous to be on that stage, but on another side, she was very comfortable wearing a mask because people were focusing on her voice rather than her face, so she can focus more on delivering her performances.

When asked about future collaboration, Kim Bohyung wish she can work with our own number one singer, Dato’ Siti Nurhaliza. She also said she likes Dato’ Siti’s  song called ‘Jaga Dia Untukku’. We hope her wish will come  true!

Kim Bohyung was in Malaysia recently to have a series of promotion schedules. She was a guest and was spotted making an appearance at Anugerah Meletop ERA, Rapid Rail Fiesta, Nasi Lemak Kopi O, Nine 11 Live and more. Kim Bohyung introduced us to #CUBOMIN (pronounced as see-you-Bo-Min), a combination of 2 celebrity friends between her and HyunMin (Malaysian who debuted as K-pop singer). The two of them travelled around Malaysia to not only meet their fans, learn the culture and taste food, but also to get a feel of the local entertainment industry.

Spica Kim Bohyung (3)

Kim Bohyung (left) and Hyunmin A

And guess what, Kim Bohyung will be back in Malaysia this May for Anugerah Bintang Popular Berita Harian and also another series of schedules. Stay tuned with us for more details.

In the meantime, check out her message to all her Malaysian fans!