Lee Soo Man, selected as one of the world’s most influential business leader 500 by US ‘Variety’

Lee Soo Man, the Producer of S.M. Entertainment, selected as one of the world’s most influential business leader 500 by US ‘Variety’ along with global leaders such as Mark Zuckerberg, Tim Cook and Jack Ma. He is recognized as “contributing to the spread of K-POP (throughout the world) beyond Korea”.

Lee Soo Man, has been selected as one of the world’s most influential business leaders 500 by the famous US magazine ‘Variety.’

‘Variety’ is a well-known American cultural magazine established in 1905. It newly-launched ‘Variety 500’ (http://variety.com/variety-500/) which selects 500 most influential business leaders in 17 different categories of the global entertainment market based on the accomplishments over the past year. S.M. Entertainment’s producer Lee Soo Man has been proudly named in the ‘Overseas Overseers’ category of ‘2017 ‘Variety 500’.

Variety’ introduces Lee Soo Man, the producer of S.M. Entertainment as the founder of S.M. Entertainment known to have been inspired by the strong musical and visual MTV performances and had a vision for the Korean pop music industry. The magazine also mentioned that Lee Soo Man launched Korea’s first idol boyband H.O.T. whose popularity spread all over Asia which was the origin of the term ‘Korean Wave’ and also recruited talents which later became an important trend for K-Pop to spread beyond Korea. Moreover, Lee Soo Man is recognized for his various achievements which are related to many keywords such as music, artists, dealmaker and more.

Furthermore, Lee Soo Man proved his global influence by being selected as ‘Variety 500’ along with global leaders such as Mark Zuckerberg-Founder of Facebook, Tim Cook-CEO of Apple, Jack Ma-Chairman of Alibaba Group in China, Alan Bergman-Chairman of Walt Disney, Larry Page-Co-Founder of Google Inc., Gary Newman-CEO of Fox TV, etc.

In addition, Lee Soo Man has had the honor of being the first Korean to be awarded at the ‘2016 Asian Game Changer Awards’ held by ‘Asia Society’ in October last year due to his contribution in spreading K-Pop culture around the world and changing the global cultural industry map through the ‘Korean Wave’. Lee Soo Man had also became the first cultural figure to receive the ‘2016 Youngsan Diplomat of the Year Award’ hosted by the  Seoul International Forum Youngsan Diplomat Award Committee through his contribution as a cultural diplomacy leader in July.

Congratulations to Lee Soo Man!