Top 5 Gourmet Restaurants to Visit When In Korea

Korea’s capital city Seoul is a busting metropolis where high-tech subways meet busy street markets and modern skyscrapers meet old-style palaces. As seen on the hit show Temperature of Love, this city has it all and it is truly a cultural melting pot especially when it comes to the food. While others may be swooning over Yang Se-Jong playing an aspiring French food chef, we have put together a list of Seoul’s best gourmet restaurants you must try when you plan to go there.

1. Dining in Space

Remember when we said Seoul is where modern skyscrapers and old-style palaces meet? You can experience this too! Dining in Space sits on the 5th floor of the popular In Space glass building, overlooking the Changdeokgung Palace and the Arario Museum. Closes every Sunday and operates on a reservation basis, Dining in Space serves modern French cuisine prepared exclusively by chef No Jin-seong who’s worked at the Cheongdam’s Palais de Gaumont and La Saison of Sinsa. Having your meal paired with a great glass of wine will surely please anyone who strives for satisfaction!

Details: 5f, Arario Space, Yulgok-ro, Jongno-gu, Seoul +82-2-747-8105

2. Mingles

Asia’s 50 Best Restaurant 2017 provided me some point of reference which led me to Mingles. It is ranked number 15 in the list and also the highest listed South Korean restaurant. The restaurant’s tagline is “mingling contrasting elements into harmony” which is another ‘East meets West’ situation as it is  suggesting that they are ‘mingling’ with European and Japanese styles of cooking in Korean cuisine. Their seven-course menu changes every few weeks but Chef Mingoo Kang doesn’t really stray too far from the traditional Korean fermented soy sauces and vinegars as they play an integral part in his menu. Chef Mingoo Kang is a prominent figure in the Nobu restaurant chain, due to his past careers with Nobu Miami and Nobu Bahamas.

Details: 758 Seolleung-ro, Cheongdam-dong, Gangnam-gu, Seoul, South Korea +82-2-515-7306

3. Soigné

If you enjoy some quite time and away from the everyday hustle of Seoul, Soigne is the place for you. Located in a residential area of Seorae Maeul, Soigne prides itself with their 2-3 hour long full-course dinner. What’s cool about this place is that its head chef, Jun Lee refers his kitchen as a stage because patrons can have a clear view of the detailed, elaborate and intense discourse of the food preparation, which is something that not many restaurants can offer. The menu rotates every few weeks to guarantee diversity when it comes to their food.

Details: 46 Banpo-daero 39-gil, Banpo-dong, Seocho-gu, Seoul, South Korea +82-2-3477-9386

4. Maison De La Categorie

‘Maison De La Categorie’ is known to be run by Lim Se Ryung, executive director of Daesang Group. The restaurant comes with a fancy atmosphere, completely furnished with two-story tall ceiling and marble floor. You can enjoy tea, wine, dessert and casual French foods. You can also have single meals of lobster pasta and mushroom risotto and course meals. Plus, brunch is provided during the weekends. With 9 patissiers managing dessert, Maison De La Categorie is definitely a dessert heaven. You can taste their popular ‘ice box’ cake with chocolate cookies and mascarpone cheese cream piled together, and ‘mango tart’ changing to the season.

Details: 85, Cheongdam-dong, Gangnam-gu, Seoul +82-2-545-6640

5. Antibes

Craving for caviar or smoked mackerel? Antibes is place for you! This restaurant is located in the Seorae Maeul too. Apparently Seorae Maeul is where all the best French restaurants in Seoul are. How Antibes stands out from its competitor is that they specializes in seafood, unlike the other restaurants. To prioritize on the quality of their food, chefs handpick their seafood every morning from the fish market. Escargot, cod croquette, and sea urchin roe on toast are some of their specialties.

Details: 3 Donggwang-ro 27-gil, Bangbaebon-dong, Seocho-gu, Seoul 137069, South Korea +82-2-593-3325


Temperature of Love on ONE HD (Astro Ch. 393) features male lead, Yang Se Jong as an aspiring French food chef. His love and dedication for food is reflective of how a lot us Malaysians feel when it comes to our food.

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