ONE HD Programme Highlights – December 2017

This festive and holiday season, the best Korean dramas and variety shows on TV will be airing on ONE HD (Astro Ch. 393)!

While You Were Sleeping – Marathon 《当你沉睡时》

23 & 24 December, Saturday and Sunday at 2.20pm

Cast: Lee Jong Suk, Bae Suzy

A young woman with bad premonition dreams meets two people who suddenly develop the same ability. Since she was young, Nam Hong Ju (Bae Suzy) has had the ability to see bad events before they happen, but she is often unable to do anything about it.



Wanna City 忘拿城

Premieres 25 December, Monday at 7.10pm

Cast: Wanna One

Behind the walls of the fame (and their dorm lie the hidden sides to Wanna One! Watch as the 11 Wanna One members comfortably display their dorky and jokester personalities with one another in this special episode on Wanna City.



Nothing to Lose 《走投无路》

        Airs every Thursday and Friday at 8.10pm

Cast: Park Eun Bin, Yeon Woo-Jin

When two judges with temperaments of extreme ends faced with a complex case and stakes get personal, how will they each handle the situation and work out a solution despite their contrasting viewpoints?


Doubtful Victory 《可疑的一胜》

        Airs every Tuesday and Wednesday at 8.10pm

Cast: Yoon Kyun Sang, Jung Hye Sung

Il Seung, whose name means ‘a victory’, felt anything but victorious after being wrongfully put a death row. Given a chance to take on a new identity as a detective, will Il Seung win the race against the odds to rewrite his life?


Bravo My Life 精彩我生活》

Airs every Saturday at 3.15pm, 2 episodes back-to-back

Cast: Jung Yu Mi, Hyun Woo, Yeon Jung Hoon

An assistant director with a stagnant career, an actor who struggles to debut, and an arrogant workaholic form a love triangle amidst the hustle and bustle of a broadcasting station.


Catch these latest South Korean drama and entertainment programs on ONE HD, Astro Ch. 393.