‘Along With The Gods : The Two Worlds’ to hit Malaysian cinemas

The most awaited movie for Korean movie fans, Along With The Gods : The Two Worlds is finally  screening in Malaysia on 18th January 2018!

The trailer of the movie has been uploaded on the local cinema distributors’ social media platforms, and we sincerely hope most cinema halls in Malaysia will be running this movie.

Along With The Gods : The Two Worlds tells a story of the of an ordinary firefighter named Ja-hong, (played by talented Cha Taehyun) who died in an unexpected accident and the head grim reaper named Gang-rim, (played by suave Ha Jungwoo) who escorts Ja- hong to the after life.

Ja-hong would need to go through 7 trials for over 49 days to prove he was innocent in his human life and only then would he be able to be reincarnated. The Angels of Death are not supposed to get involved in human affairs, but because Gang-rim has affection for humans, he unavoidably gets involved in the matter.

On a side note, this movie is a must watch for EXO-Ls because Do Kyungsoo (D.O.) played a supporting character as Private Won Il-byung. His performance in the movie was highly praised by the director himself and his castmates.

This movie has hit the 10 million mark in South Korea after two weeks of screening. Definitely a must watch movie!

What do you think of the plot? We can’t wait to catch this movie next week in the cinema! What about you?

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