[Exclusive] IN2IT Talks About Their Debut and First Asia Tour

After a total of 260 concert performances during the survival show Boys24, which took a year and six months of training period, these eight gentlemen of IN2IT sure have what it takes to become successful idols in the industry!

They finally made their debut late last year and they are coming to Malaysia for their first ever Asia tour this weekend.

IN2IT comprises of Korean members JiahnYeontaeIn-hoHyun-ukIn-pyoJin-subSung-hyun and Malaysian member, Isaac.

K-popped! was lucky enough to have the opportunity to chat with the boys before they officially kick off their Asia tour! Let’s get to know them more!



K-POPPED! : Please share with us more about your debut album, and your title track. What kind of genre is your title track?

After having 260 live shows, we finally debuted last October and Carpe Diem is the name of our debut album. And through this album, we wanted to show our growth, from boys to men. Our title song, ‘Amazing’ is a fresh tropical theme song with chill trap sounds and its genre is dance-pop. And once you hear its catchy chorus starting with ‘Yoo ooh ooh~’, we bet you can’t stop yourself singing along to the chorus! So please listen to our title song, ‘Amazing’ a lot!^^


K-POPPED! : How does it feel to be able to finally debut after a harsh survival show? What comes to mind after hearing about your debut date?

As mentioned before, we were finally able to debut after having 260 live shows. Even though it was harsh, we think those times were very meaningful to us. We learned a lot of things from there and that experience became a good stepping stone for us. After we heard about our debut date, we were very excited and happy because we have been dreaming of debuting for a long time.



K-POPPED! : What do you think is your group’s strength, compared to other groups nowadays?

We think we learned many things from our live stage experiences and we are sure that it would be our group’s strength, compared to other groups nowadays. Also, our cheerful and bright energy are our strengths as well.

K-POPPED! : Which artists do you look up to?

We look up to ‘BTS’. We really love to listen and dance to their music. We hope that we could be the idol group like them.


K-POPPED! : We heard that you will be having Asia Tour soon, what would you like or want to do when you come to Malaysia?

Yes! Finally, IN2IT is going to Malaysia for our Asia Tour on this February 4th!!! Our showcase in Malaysia will be held at PJ Live Arts. Please come and enjoy our show together! Don’t miss us!

And in Malaysia, we have many things to do, but we want to see Petronas Twin Towers first because we heard that it is very famous!


And we did not forget to personally ask this question to our Malaysian member, Isaac.


K-POPPED! : We have seen you performing back then before your debut days. We can’t help but feel proud to see how far you have grown these few years. How do you feel, to be able to achieve your dreams to be a K-pop star? How did you survive as a foreign member in a foreign country?

Isaac : First of all, I’m very happy to be a K-pop artist from Malaysia. And also I’m very happy to be able to achieve my dreams. Wherever I am, I’m so proud to say that I’m from Malaysia! Honestly, at first it was kind of hard for me to survive in foreign country, Korea, because it was my first time staying alone without my family. And I was a shy boy who didn’t know how to talk to people in Korean as well.

But now, I learned how to communicate with people using a foreign language. Moreover, before I met our members I used to feel very lonely, but the members are taking very good care of me now, so I just want to say thank you everyone for taking care of me very well.


Psst!! They have something to say to their fans in Malaysia! Check out the video below (click on CC button for subtitles) :

The group name IN2IT gives a direct meaning “Intuit” as well the phrase “In to it” which bring together the meaning “The boys will make fans fall into their intuitive charms”. So, are you into them yet? ^^

Be sure to give them a warm welcome during their public press conference on 3rd February (Saturday) at Pavilion, KL and catch them on 4th February (Sunday) at PJ Live Arts. See you guys there!

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