[Exclusive] Q&A with stars of ‘Bad Guys-Vile City’: Joo Jin Mo, Kim Mu Yeol and Ji Soo

Using bad guys to catch bad guys, ‘Bad Guys-Vile City’ tells about a prosecutor that recruits a team of criminals in order to crush a corrupted organization with extreme measures. With star-studded line-ups like Park Joong-hoon, Joo Jin-mo, Yang Ik-june, Kim Mu-yeol and  Ji Soo, this is a must-see especially for those who are into action dramas. (And these bad guys are so good looking, how can we say no? ^^)

K-popped! is honored to be able to have a quick Q&A with actors Joo Jin-mo, Kim Mu Yeol and Ji Soo, thanks to tvN Asia. Let’s check out what these ‘Bad Guys’ have to say! 🙂


Q: How did you feel when you were first offered the roles? What kind of things did you prepare for your role?

Joo Jin Mo

Joo Jin-mo: Heo Il-Hoo is a person of few words. When I was getting into character, I realized that rather than talking, body language, such as eye contact and actions are more relevant to express the character. Because of that, it is very likely to have my performance misunderstood by the audience, or develop into the exact opposite to my intention.

To get into the character, I tried my best to do as many exercise as I could. In terms of emotional expressions, I preferred to express myself in a more subtle manner rather than laying everything out on the surface. I spent much effort to keep such a state of acting.

Kim Mu-yeol: I tried to find out what parts need to be changed when putting myself into No Jin-pyeong. Different from the other outstanding figures in Bad Guys, No Jin-pyeong is indeed the most ordinary character.

Ji Soo: First of all, I have to make some changes on my appearance. After discussion with the director, it took effort for me to cut my hair short and grow a beard. To demonstrate a sense of reality, all the cast including myself didn’t put on any makeup or style our hair.

Q: What were the most memorable lines/scenes in this drama?

Joo Jin-mo:In the first episode, there is an action scene where my character Heo Il-hoo subdued all the professional killers in swift actions and then jumped off the roof to chase the killers. It is a very impressive scene to me.

Kim Mu Yeol

Kim Mu-yeol: In the seventh episode, there was a scene where No Jin-pyeong is worried over whom he should side with, Lee Myung-Deuk or Ban Joon-Hyeok, before he speaks with the Public Prosecutor General on his appeal. To me, this is the most impressive scene. It best demonstrates the ideal justice pursued by the “bady guys” and No Jin-pyeong, and creates resonance among audience.

Ji Soo: In the sixth episode, there is an unprecedented bloody battle scene, in terms of size and number of performers. It depicts a fight of 100 people from our side versus 300 people. In reality, we were joined by many people for the shooting and everyone was so devoted that we eventually managed to bring out a film-like scene.

Q: Throughout the production of the drama, what do you find most valuable? (extra)

Joo Jin-mo: In this drama, the appearances of “bad guys” abhorring the evils and persistently chasing after them in a vile city are truly valuable.

Kim Mu-yeol: The proves against the notion that powerful force and evilness can’t be defeated is the most valuable thing I found.

Ji Soo

Ji Soo: The fighting scene in the sixth episode with over 400 actors best illustrates how charismatic our drama is, the delivery of a vicarious satisfaction when situated on the border between reality and fantasy is the thing I found most valuable.

Q: Looks like this drama evolves around actors. How’s the atmosphere while shooting this drama? In particular there are too many guys on the set? What’s the chemistry among the 5 casts like on set?

Joo Jin-mo: The atmosphere on set is so far the best among my previous works. The director, crew and actors all had a very good teamwork. A joyful shooting site tends to produce positive results as well. Through this drama, I have experienced all sorts of emotions. Feeling joyful on the way to the shooting site is the sincere happiness to an actor.

Kim Mu-yeol: It was always very cheerful and everyone was filled with passion towards the drama. It was really delightful to work with such great actors. If a cut didn’t come out well even when everyone stays highly alert and focused, we would joke around and burst into laughter. At first, I thought that the atmosphere might be somewhat dreary as there were only male actors of different ages. But our big brother Park Joong-Hoon opened up first to make the younger actors feel comfortable, and the harmonious atmosphere continued.

Ji Soo: It is really nice. Firstly, all the seniors treated me kindly and gave many heart-warming advices to me. In addition, after working in sweats, we naturally became a very united and close team. It is like a blessing to me, therefore, I always feel very grateful.

Q:(To Kim Mu-yeol) If you were “No Jin-pyeong” in real life, would you go to any lengths to achieve justice? 

Kim Mu Yeol: If I were No Jin-pyeong, I think it would hard to keep the balance when pursuing for my “ideal justice’. As a human being, everyone will experience conflicts and concerns, but the difference lies in your final decision. Although I am an action, I am also a human being and work hard to make a right choice in life, and when I find it difficult to make judgments on my own, I will seek for advice from people around me.


* tvN Asia airs “Bad Guys: Vile City” every Sun and Mon @21:45 (GMT+8), with the last episode air on 5-Feb. tvN Asia is available on Astro Channel 395 (HD) and UnifiTV Channel 601 (HD) in Malaysia.