K-Drama MOTHER Introduces the Main Storyline in Episode 1

tvN Asia 24-hour express drama — Mother — based on the popular award-winning Japanese TV drama of the same title, premiered on tvN Asia in Singapore and Malaysia on 25 January (Thursday) and airs every Thursday and Friday at 21:45. The drama follows the story of an elementary school teacher Soo-jin (Lee Bo-young) and her student, Hye-na (Heo Yool).

In the fast-paced episode 1, audience sees that Soo-jin left her job as an ornithology researcher due to closure of the university and subsequently, became an elementary school teacher by chance. At her new job, Soo-jin came across an abused student, Hye-na who was also bullied by her classmates.

Viewers then find out that Hye-na was abused by her biological mother Ja-young (Ko Sung-hee) and her live-in partner Seol-ak, and was thrown out of home in a rubbish bag who later was discovered by Soo-jin. A twisted mother-and-daughter bonding between them blossomed toward the end of the first episode.

Mother premiered exclusively on tvN Asia, within 24 hours of Korea’s broadcast, in Singapore and Malaysia on 25 January (Thursday) at 21:45 and airs every Thursday and Friday. Catch it on TV or on-demand in Singapore via Singtel TV Ch. 518 / 619, Singtel TV GO, StarHub TV Ch. 824 or StarHub GO; and in Malaysia on Astro Ch. 395, Astro GO, unifi tv (previously HyppTV) Ch. 601 or unifi playtv, with subtitles in English, Chinese and Bahasa Malaysia.

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