Treasures of China

Celebrate Chinese Lantern Festival with the casts of Guided Adventure & Global Chef Wars in China! Let K-PLUS brings you to China on the weekends of March!

If you are looking for a trip that is packed with amazing sceneries & a culinary expedition to whet your palate, China is the place to go.

Guided Adventure is a travel program whereby the cast travels to various countries in the form of package tours alongside participating travellers and invited guests. But without the usual managers, talent agents and various staff behind the scenes, you can see how they survive in a foreign country all by themselves!

The fever of ‘Cook-bang’ (Cooking shows) is hot in Korea. And it is beyond doubt that the chefs in ‘Chef & My Fridge’ are in the center of it. This time, they unite to have cooking battles with the best chefs all around the world. Are they going to keep their reputation as Korean representatives? The chef expedition, ‘Global Chef Wars’!

Join Kim Yong-man, Kim Seong-joo, Ahn Jung-hwan, Jeong Hyeong-don & Kang Ho-dong to explore China on March weekends! Catch Global Chef Wars on Saturdays and Guided Adventure on Sundays at 5.00pm (my/ph) / 4.00pm (id)!


K-PLUS is available on: USEETV IndiHome, Tribe Indonesia, DENSTV, Astro GO, Tribe Philippines.

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