Youthful Glow With MAMONDE’s Upgraded Age Control Line

Nothing says spring quite like the densely petaled, blooming Camellia. Dubbed as the Winter Thuja, the Camellia is a persistent flower that blooms in the winter. Even its leaves do not wilt in the chilly weather. The Camellia is well known for its high resilience and strong vitality; as this tough, durable flower is able to remain fresh for as long as seven days even after it has fallen to the ground.

Tracing back to its history, the Camellia is a genus of the flowering plants belonging to the Theaceae family. Found in abundance in the Eastern and Southern Asia, these evergreen shrubs produce flowers measuring up to 5-6 inches in diameter, with its colour ranging from red, pink, purple and variations in between. The Camellia flower speaks to the heart and expresses positive feelings. Known as Dongbaek in Korea, the Camellia flower symbolises faithfulness and longevity, and the flowers have been a part of the traditional Korean wedding ceremonies since 1200 B.C. Moreover, the Camellia flower is highly regarded in China and is even considered as the national flower of southern China. In Japan, the Camellia flower is called “Tsubaki” and symbolises the divine. It is often used in religious and sacred ceremonies.

Having been inspired by the flower’s powerful life force, Mamonde, the flower expert has chosen Camellia as the main flower in formulating and upgrading its Age Control Line. Through research and understanding the nature of the Camellia, Mamonde found that the tough, resilient properties of the Camellia stems from the Saponin ingredient contained in the flower. Saponin, an ingredient normally found in red ginseng or ginseng, is known to increase immunity of the human body. In a similar vein, the Saponin found in the Camellia flower has a wrinkle care effect that helps eliminate free radicals most effectively. This, alongside the high capacity of antioxidants contained in the Camellia help prevent and slow down skin aging while help eliminate harmful oxygen radicals for a healthier looking, glowing skin.

Mamonde extracts the Camellia Saponin using the Eco-friendly Customized Extraction Method which is 1.5 times more effective than other methods. Through an anti-oxidation test, Mamonde has also ascertained the wrinkle care effect of Saponin where it acts as antioxidants to help eliminate harmful oxygen radicals.

Mamonde’s upgraded Age Control Line is also formulated with Camellia oil which possesses moisturizing power and is rich in unsaturated fatty acids to help maintain moisture level on skin surface while help strengthening skin barrier. Also known as the “Oriental Olive Oil”, the Camellia oil which is rich in Oleic acid (a type of unsaturated fatty acid) helps form a moisture layer on skin, ensuring that the skin is always moisturised and look healthy.

Fine wrinkles on the skin is no doubt one of the typical signs of aging caused by dehydrated skin and decreased skin resilience. Nonetheless, research has proven that fine lines on the epidermis layer does not equate permanent damage and thus can be improved through treatments. Mamonde’s upgraded Age Control Line which contains key ingredients such as the Saponin and Camellia oil helps provide ample moisture and wrinkle care effect, thus allowing skin to look youthful and glowy! The Mamonde upgraded Age Control Line includes the Age Control Skin Softener, Age Control Emulsion, Age Control Power Serum, Age Control Power Cream and Age Control Power Eye Cream.

Mamonde Age Control Skin Softener (200ml, RM99)

This is an anti-aging softener that melts into the skin with a moist sensation and helps in building a healthy-looking skin foundation rich with elasticity. While the anti-aging ingredient – Saponin infused in the Mamonde Age Control Softener helps to fight against skin aging and helps maintain a youthful and healthy-looking skin, the natural skin moisturizing agents – Acetylgucosamine and Hyaluronic Acid on the other hand helps to keep the skin richly moisturised. Contrary to other ordinary skin softener, the Mamonde Age Control Skin Softener is less sticky, and its refreshing liquid texture helps to absorb quickly into the skin and fills the skin with ample moisture.

Mamonde Age Control Emulsion (150ml, RM109)

An anti-aging emulsion that forms a moisture barrier and gently covers the skin, making skin texture smooth and firm. It is also infused with Camellia Oil that forms a moisture layer on skin that help strengthen the skin barrier. The Mamonde Age Control Emulsion also contains delicate hydro-genetic and soft plant-derived oil to provide the skin with hydration, ensuring a youthful looking skin.


Mamonde Age Control Power Serum (40ml, RM185)

Comes with a smooth texture, the Mamonde Age Control Power Serum helps to reduce fine wrinkles and strengthens skin elasticity when applied. At the same time, its specially designed liposome formula helps the active ingredients absorb quickly and effectively onto the skin. Apply from the centre of the face and be sure to make this as an essential step of your skincare routine.


Mamonde Age Control Power Cream (50ml, RM185)

An anti-aging cream that helps reduce fine wrinkles by filling up any rough skin texture, making skin firm and supple. This Age Control Power Cream is especially suitable for those with dry skin, as the shea butter- a botanical ingredient infused in the cream provides abundant moisture to the skin, helps maintain a healthy-looking skin. Use it after cleansing the face in the morning and evening. Take an adequate amount of the Age Control Power Cream and apply it across the face.


Mamonde Age Control Power Eye Cream (25ml, RM 175) *Star Product*

An anti-aging eye cream that helps reduce fine wrinkles around the eye while keeping sensitive skin moist and firm. While the anti-aging effect of Camellia Saponin helps to fight against the sign of aging in the eye area, the Camellia oil forms an oil moisturizing film that helps improve eye wrinkles caused by dryness. When applied, the Niacinamide, a skin brightening ingredient contained in the Mamonde Age Control Power Eye Cream makes the eye area look glowy and helps improve dark circles. To double the absorption of active ingredients and to intensify the benefits of this product, massage the eye area using the metal applicator of the eye cream.


The Mamonde Upgraded Age Control Line can be purchased through Mamonde Beauty Counters at Aeon 1 Utama, PJ, Aeon Mid Valley Megamall, KL, Parkson Suria KLCC, KL, Aeon Bukit Indah, JB, Aeon Tebrau City, JB, Aeon Queensbay Mall, Penang and, Parkson Gurney Plaza, Penang.