[Exclusive] Q&A with Lee Bo Young

<Mother> is based on the popular award-winning Japanese TV drama of the same title, and premiered on tvN Asia in Singapore and Malaysia on January 25. <Mother> tells the story of an elementary school teacher Soo-jin (Lee Bo-young) and her student, Hye-na (Heo Yool).

Thanks to tvN Asia, we had a quick Q&A session with the main actress, Lee Bo Young. She is a great actress and best known for her roles in <My Daughter Seo Young>, <I Can Hear Your Voice> and <Whisper>.

K-POPPED!: Please explain about your role in <Mother>.

Lee Bo Young: Soojin was once living in solitude childhood and are used to isolation, but became more aware of the surroundings and people around her as she grew up. With a lonely childhood, she sympathizes children who are going through the similar childhood as herself; detached from their parents and always on her own. In the drama, she tries to “kidnap” Hye-Na in a way to save her from her abusive parents.



K-POPPED!: How did you feel when you were first offered the role? What made you accept the role?

Lee Bo Young: When the tvN team started the production of <Mother>, I approached them and asked if I could be casted in the drama. A lot of child abuse-related news has appeared on media, especially after I gave birth to my daughter, and those created a great impact on me as a “mother”. Thus, I thought that it would be a good opportunity to draw the emotional empathy for the issue to the public.



K-POPPED!: What is the biggest challenges in shooting this drama?

Lee Bo Young: There are not many difficulties in shooting <Mother>. The overall atmosphere of the shooting site is very nice and in terms of acting and creating the emotions of the character went very smoothly for me.



K-POPPED!: What were the most memorable lines in this drama?

Lee Bo Young: I cannot forget the line where Soojin, my character, said, “Listen Hye-Na. I will take you to somewhere a thousand miles away from here and no one will know. Would you follow me?” This simple line actually triggered the whole storyline of <Mother>, and is extremely memorable to me.



K-POPPED!: The main reason why people should watch this drama is…

Lee Bo Young: To be honest, it is not a drama that can be easily digested. However, I do hope that a lot of parents would realize the social issue of child abuse when watching <Mother> and take the responsibility of protecting their child just like any parents should be as the guardian of their child.


That’s the end of our quick chat with Lee Bo Young.^^

Catch <Mother> every Thursday and Friday on TV or on-demand in Malaysia on Astro Ch. 395, Astro GO, unifi tv (previously HyppTV) Ch. 601 or unifi playtv, with subtitles in English, Chinese and Bahasa Malaysia.