[Travelogue] Snow Festival in March: Day 2 – Coffee Street, Woljeongsa Temple

Anmok Beach with 2 coffee cups in the sea

Day 2 of our Travelogue! Up in the list today, a trip to Anmok Beach, famous for it’s coffee street. If you’ve read our Pyeongchang Winter Olympics posts before, you would know there is a street filled with coffee places, yes, heaven for all you coffee lovers out there!

Less than 5 minutes away from our accommodation, lies white sandy beach and the bluest sea you’ve ever seen. The line of shops on the street facing the beach is full of coffee establishments, which you can pick either by coffee specialty (some with Spanish roasts, Brazilian roasts), facility (rooftop hammocks, lounging area), view and much more. Almost all of the shops roasts their own coffee beans.

Terrace overlooking the sea and a river at the back

Street vendor with delicious foods to complement your coffee

Our 2nd stop for today is lunch at 채선당Shabu (Chaesundang Shabu), a place for Shabu-Shabu, a Japanese cuisine but also famous in Korea. The usual menu for Shabu-Shabu is beef but we tried the seafood meal and it was yummy! The meal was served with vegetables and a bowl of rice to make porridge at the end of the meal.

Seafood Shabu-Shabu

We then visited Woljeongsa Temple which is  located on the eastern slopes of Odaesan in Pyeongchang. The temple was founded in 643. The walk up to the temple was a very scenic walk among Fir lined trees.

The gate to Woljeongsa Temple

Picturesque view heading to the temple

We found a snowman waiting on the way to the temple

Cute mythical beings

Next destination for the day is for dinner and we tried Dried Pollack which is a specialty in Gangwon-do. Hwangtae or 황태 is a yellow-colored dried pollock and the province is one of the largest producing area in South Korea.

Delicious dried pollock and side dishes

The area, located up the slop of Mount Daegwallyeong, with clean air making it a very suitable environment to dry pollock. Hwangtae is dried by hanging on wooden structures, ans with the weather, the fish will be frozen and unfrozen day and night which turns the fish into a yellowish color and makes them tender.

Before ending the day, we were treated to an EDM Festival with DJ Hanmin at Yongpyong Ski Resort. We partied for a while before bidding the day good night, and be ready for another full day journey the day after.

DJ Hanmin bringing down the house

We would like to thank Korea Tourism Organisation for arranging this trip.