My Mister Breaks its Own Viewership Rating in Korea

Starring idol/actress IU and veteran award-winning best actor Lee So-gyun, the emotionally-stirring tvN Asia 24-hour express drama, My Mister continues to receive a steady average viewership rating in Korea.

Episode 7 of My Mister recorded a record-breaking average viewership of 4.5% and a peak of 5.5%; ranked no. 1 among all pay TV and IPTV in Korea during the same timeslot. Singapore and Malaysia audience can enjoy this top-rated episode of My Mister through tvN Asia within 24-hour of Korea’s broadcast tonight at 21:45.

In the episode, Ji-ah (IU)’s rough school life is revealed. Audiences are expected to have their heart broken when witnessing the flashback of teenager Ji-ah got bitten up by Gwang-il (Jang Ki-yong), causing her head to bleed severely. In reality, IU and Jang Ki-yong once shared a viral kissing scene with IU in her music video, with such a big contrast in chemistry, My Mister episode 7 is not to be missed.

With the first half of the drama looking very gloomy and dark, director Kim Won-seok revealed during the production presentation held on 11 April, that My Mister is actually a comedy! Once audience has gone through all the bitterness, laughter and sweetness will come at the end.

My Mister airs on tvN Asia in Singapore and Malaysia every Thursday and Friday at 21:45. Catch it on Singtel TV 新电信电视 Ch. 518 / 619 or StarHub TV 星和视界 Ch. 824 or on-demand via Singtel TV GO or StarHub GO in Singapore; and on Astro Ch. 395 or unifi tv Ch. 211 or on-demand via Astro GO or unifi play tv in Malaysia with subtitles in English, Chinese and Bahasa Malaysia. tvN, where fun takes off!