[Upcoming] MXM Match Up Fan Meeting in Kuala Lumpur

Jointly organized by iMe Malaysia and Warner Music Malaysia, MXM Match Up Fan Meeting will be held on May 1st, 6p.m. at HGH Convention Hall.


MXM is a project unit signed under Brand New Music and Warner Music Korea that consists of two members, Lim Young Min and Kim Dong Hyun.  The duo rose to fame after participating in Produce 101 Season 2 (one of the most popular survival reality music programs in Korea), alongside their label mates, Daehwi and Park Woo Jin who won the program and debuted as members in Wanna One.

MXM officially debuted in September 6 has already proven their talent when they participated in writing and arranging their debut tracks.  They recently made another come back with their special single album “REMATCH” before kick starting their fan meeting in Seoul, Korea.  Compared to their previous title songs ‘I Am The One’ and ‘Diamond Girl’ which are more towards colourful and funky concept, their latest tracks ‘Gone Cold’ and ‘Love Me Now’ consist of dark elements and bad boys vibe, thus proving that MXM is able to blend and adapt any concept perfectly.

Origin                  : South Korea
Label                    : Brand New Music
Genres                 : K-pop, hip hop, Synthpop, R&B
Year active          : 2017 – Present
Associated acts   : Brand New Boys, Wanna One



Stage Name : Young Min
Birthday : 25th December 1995
Zodiac Sign : Capricorn
Trained Period : 14 months
Talent : Writing rap lyric, play piano
Interest : Swimming Basketball


Stage Name : Dong Hyun
Birthday : 17th September 1998
Zodiac Sign : Virgo
Trained Period : 11 months
Talent : Composing, play guitar
Interest : Exploring places