MONSTA X and Amazer announce the collaboration event called #MonstaXChallenge

MONSTA X and Amazer announced the collaboration event that K-pop lovers can easily shoot their cover dance videos by following the guided videos generated by the members of MONSTA X, one of the famous Kpop boy dance groups.

Amazer is a global K-pop video community app where users can create Kpop-themed videos and share them with other creators. Anyone who is not familiar with K-pop dance and song can even easily learn how to dance and lip sync from other creator’s guided videos.


Through guide videos, MONSTA X will walk users through how to dance to their new song, JEALOUSY, and participants can easily cover them by using English subtitles for global users. Participants who are hand-picked by each member of MONSTA X will be awarded special gift sets and Amazer merchandise sets. This events ends on May 20th and the winners will be announced on March 23rd.


“We feel honored to partner with a big-time K-pop group, MONSTA X. With MONSTA X we wish to go the extra mile to make K-pop fans enjoy the new song, JEALOUSY said Tensz Lee, CEO of Amazer.

Early this year, Amazer collaborated with MOMOLAND with their analysis on search engine statistics and the number of video views and launched #MomolandChallenge, which brought about a huge social media virality by achieving over 7,000 cover videos created by over 3,000 users from 93 countries, who are mostly based in USA and Germany. After the event, MOMOLAND’s billboard chart dramatically increased from 33rd to 2nd place.

Amazer, also known as a K-pop version of, targets Generation Z, also known as Youtube Kids. Amazer was selected as ’The Indie App of The Year’ by Google Korea in 2017 and one of ‘Eight Startups that will rule 2018’ by 8 government-backed startup support centers and is now available to use in 121 countries.