What’s Wrong With Secretary Kim Led By A Star-Studded Cast Park Seo Joon, Park Min Young and Lee Tae Hwan

tvN Asia’s latest 24-hour express drama – What’s Wrong With Secretary Kim (金秘书为何那样?– a drama series based on popular novel and webtoon of the same title, will premiere exclusively on tvN in Singapore and Malaysia on 7 June (Every Thursday and Friday) at 21:45. The drama stars a stellar cast consisting of Park Seo-joon (朴叙俊), Park Min-young (朴敏英) and Lee Tae-hwan (李泰焕), and is directed by veteran director Park Joon-hwa, who is famous for previous works such as Because This Is My First Life and Let’s Eat series etc. tvN Asia plan to drown audience in pink rose petals and an comical romantic storyline following the gloomy and dark My Mister.

What’s Wrong With Secretary Kim follows the push-pull romantic relationship between a handsome and competent yet narcissistic Lee Young-joon (Park Seo-joon), and his secretary Kim Mi-so (Park Min-young) who suddenly decides to quit the job to get married after working for him for nine years. Their relationship becomes more intriguing after the appearance of the charismatic best-selling writer Lee Sung-yeon (Lee Tae-hwan), who is the elder brother of Young-joon. It draws keen attention to how their love triangle will develop as the story unfolds.

Heartthrob Park Seo-joon, widely favored as the “King of Romantic Comedy”, has completely stunned the cast and crew with his mastery of narcissistic lines and a detailed design of the character’s signature gestures since shooting began. Crowned as an actor that guarantees box office and viewership rating, his recent megahits include comedy movie Midnight Runnersand variety show Youn’s Kitchen S2. Park Seo-joon will once again charm audience with his impressive acting and “narcissistic appeal”.

Co-starring alongside Park Seo-joon, Park Min-young takes on her first romantic comedy role as Kim Mi-so, the “Legendary of Secretary”. Despite that it is her first attempt at the genre, she has already perfectly grasps the essence of her charming character from the beginning. Audience can anticipate a refreshing and comical chemistry between the well-matched cast from What’s Wrong With Secretary Kim!

What’s Wrong With Secretary Kim will premiere exclusively on tvN in Singapore and Malaysia on 7 June (Every Thursday and Friday) at 21:45. Catch it on Singtel TV 新电信电视 Ch. 518 / 619 or StarHub TV 星和视界 Ch. 824 or on-demand via Singtel TV GO or StarHub GO in Singapore; and on Astro Ch. 395 or unifi tv Ch. 211 or on-demand via Astro GO or unifi play tv in Malaysia with subtitles in English, Chinese and Bahasa Malaysia.

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