[Event coverage] EXO sparkles like diamonds at ElyXion in Malaysia

For the past three years, EXO has included Malaysia in their EXOPLANET concerts, but this year, the group shooked the fans when the first half of the year almost went by with no announcement for ElyXiOn in Malaysia. The fans then rejoiced when Star Planet, organizer of ElyXiOn in Malaysia announced the date for the concert. Fans once again flocked Atria Shopping Mall on the day of the offline ticket sales and crashed the server during the online ticket sales, resulting to a sold out concert event, which was truly shown on the day of the concert.

July 7, a day awaited by EXO-Ls (fanclub name), finally came. Fans came early to swap merchandises, collect freebies and some even came just to make new friends among the fandom. The weather was just nice, except that the day also coincides with the Piala FA final, making parking a bit unbearable but with the amount of people in and around the stadium, it felt like a big fest.

Around 3 in the afternoon, the organiser finally announced that the entrances are open and fans can start entering the venue, according to their categories. Once in the stadium, fans became more excited when EXO songs were blaring through the speakers.

At 5 o’clock sharp, the lights were dimmed and the introduction video was shown on the screens. Fans started to get more excited and then, all 8 of the EXO members (SUHO, XIUMIN, BAEKHYUN, CHANYEOL, D.O, CHEN, SEHUN, KAI – LAY was not here as he was swamped with schedule in China)showed up on the main stage with their first song, The Eve.

Missing 1 person from the group did not make EXO any less than what they are. The group performed 30 songs energetically and thrilled Malaysian fans with hits and songs from their latest album such as Touch It, Diamond, Forever and worldwide pick, Power, the latter being chosen to be played at the World Cup 2018 final match between Croatia and France.

Other than the group performances, each EXO member also performed their solo stages, each with their own strength. One of the most memorable solo stages of the night would be from D.O as he sang an English version of For Life, with Malaysian EXO-Ls as his back up singers.

Malaysian EXO-Ls played their part too as when the lights went out, the light from the fans’ lightsticks filled the stadium making it a sight to behold (check out the pictures!). The strong 10,000 attendees chanted and sing along to each and every song that night.

Thousands waving their lighsticks to the music

The group ended their show with a bitter sweet goodbye, promising better performances in the future and hints on a new album, a new tour and probable visit to Malaysia, the latter making EXO-Ls excited with anticipation.