MAMONDE Creamy Tint : Ideal For Your Any Look

Looking for a lipstick colour to match the 2018 Autumn Winter runways? Mamonde’s Creamy Tint Collection have colours that will suit any season or occasion which make you go wild or give you a perfectly innocent look.

Mamonde’s Creamy Tint Collection ensures that you will always stay trendy no matter what season you are in. Mix and match lipstick colours to suit your outfit whether you are out for a formal event or for a casual outing.

Now, how do you mix and match lipstick colours and choose the right colours? Mamonde, the flower-inspired South Korean beauty and skincare brand, shares the secret:

1. Identifying Your Skin Undertone

The ultimate step to choosing your lipstick is none other than identifying your skin undertone. The two most common skin undertones are yellow and pink. If you haven’t had a clue of your skin’s undertone, a quick way to identify it is to look at the veins on your wrist. Blue veins often mean that you have got pink undertones. Contrarily, if you find your veins appear to be green, then you have got a warm yellow undertone.

2. Deciding on Your Preferred Lipstick Types, Textures and Finishing

Just as how the ideal lipstick shade can nail your look perfectly, navigating your preferred lipstick types, textures and finishing is equally essential to helping you to wear your chosen colour confidently. Get to know about the different innovations of Mamonde Creamy Tint here:-

i) Mamonde Creamy Tint Colour Balm (Light) – A crayon, pencil-type lip balm that has high oil content to help keep the lip moisturised, smooth and comfortable. Formulated with highly pigmented powder, this colour balm can be worn for long hours and it helps to ensure an even, sheer/silky and moist finish once applied.

ii) Mamonde Creamy Tint Colour Balm (Intense) – Formulated with ball-shaped powder that provides a creamy and smooth glide-on texture, the Mamonde Creamy Tint Colour Balm (Intense), when applied, wraps your lips smoothly and evenly without clumping. It provides a highly pigmented, velvety finish upon a swipe on the lip.

iii) Mamonde MLBB or ‘My Lips But Better’ – An extension of the Creamy Tint Colour Balm Intense, the MLBB is formulated with ball-shaped powder that provides a creamy and smooth glide-on texture; just one glide offers highly blendable velvety texture that enunciates your natural lip colour.

Both the Creamy Tint Colour Balm (Light & Intense) & MLBB offer 3-in-1 benefits, where it serves as a lipstick, lip balm and lip tint simultaneously.

iv) Mamonde Creamy Tint Squeeze Lip – Mamonde’s latest innovative liquid lipstick product that is specially designed and encased in a squeezable tube. Its Ultra High Density (UHD) Grinding Technology helps in increasing the number of colour pigment particles in the tube lipstick and when applied, the moisture rich texture blends on the lip and gradually takes on the bright lip colour that one desires. Also the first of its kind that is infused with 28% Rose Water, this Creamy Tint Squeeze Lip has a soothing and cooling liquid texture.

3. Choosing an Everyday Colour

Choosing your everyday colour can be tricky, given the myriad shades of lipsticks available over the counters. Find a colour that is one to two shades deeper than your natural lip colour. To do this, apply the lipstick only to your lower lip and compare that shade to your upper lip. If the shades appear drastically different, you will have to keep the experiment going. Remember, patience is virtue!

4. Red Lips – Choosing the Right Shade

Don’t let the thought of a bold lop colour scare you off. Reds can be soft, rusty, bright, cool and warm. No matter what your skin’s undertone, there will always be a red shade that is suitable for you. For pink undertone, opt for cooler tone reds, and for warm undertone, look for yellow or brown based reds. Nevertheless, if you find yourself fancying a shade that breaks the “guide”, just go for it!

Mamonde Creamy Tint Collection offers you a myriad of red shades, which include:

i) Mamonde Creamy Tint Colour Balm (Light) – No. 1 Burnt Rose, No.2 Peach Pop, No.3 Rosy Brick, No. 4 Coral Blossom, No.5 Flower Mix, No. 6 Red Glaze, No. 7 Baby Burgundy, No. 8 Last Kiss, No. 9 Red Brown & No.10 Orange Sunset. (Suitable for women who are new to makeup or those who prefer having natural lip makeup).

ii) Mamonde Creamy Tint Colour Balm (Intense) – No. 1 Bouquet Nudy, No.4 Bouquet Rosy, No. 5 Blooming Rose, No. 6 Baby Rose, No. 7 Kissing You, No. 9 Velvet Scarlet, No. 10 Classic Burgundy, No. 11 Velvet Red, No. 13 Velvet Rose, No. 15 Velvet Coral, No. 16 Matte Pop Orange, No. 17 Apple Bite, No. 18 Light Up, No. 19 Blood Orange & No.20 Red Pepper.

iii) Mamonde MLBB or ‘My Lips But Better’ – No. 21 Red Soul, No. 22 Dandy Coral, no. 23 Brick Rose, No. 24 Nectar Coral & No. 25 Rosy Silk.

iv) Mamonde Creamy Tint Squeeze Lip – No. 1 Let’s Red, No. 2 Rose Blossom, No. 3 Chick Red, No. 4 Orange Play, No. 5 Sunny Orange, No. 6 Diva Pink, No. 7 Better than Coral, No. 8 Girly Rose, No. 9 Velvet Red & No. 10 Retro Rose.

5. Matching Your Lip Colour for Different Occasions

Want to doll up for different occasions? Try the popular lipstick layering technique using the Mamonde Creamy Tint Collection, which includes the Creamy Tint Colour Balm (Light and Intense), MLBB and Creamy Tint Squeeze Lip! While fashion trends may suggest which colours are best, they may not always fit your desired look. This lipstick layering trick allows you to personalise and fine tune any lip colour to achieve your desired complexion, style and character!